Epididymitis Pain Relief For Epididymitis Pain Comes And Goes

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With acute epididymitis, symptoms are pain and swelling. Signs of chronic prostatitis may be milder and come on suddenly or gradually over weeks or months, and the symptoms tend to come and go in episodes or 'flare-ups'. For example, some men find they have a period of a few weeks or months each year when their symptoms flare up.
What make epididymitis pain come and go?
-If bacterial is suspected as the cause of epididymitis, the symptoms may come back partly because the antibiotics do not kill all of the bacteria. And bacteria from the urinary tract or from sexual contact can also reinfect the epididymis. 
-Chronic epididymitis is more of a problem. In this condition, the infection recurs even after treatment or some symptoms similar to infection return frequently. But why some men get chronic epididymitis is not known.
-Some physical symptoms of epididymitis caused by stress and anxiety, leading to a flare-up or making symptoms worse. And some excitant foods and drinks can make system of reproduction congestive and worsen the symptoms of epididymitis. For example alcohol, fizzy drinks and drinks containing caffeine, such as tea and coffee – as these can irritate the bladder. Other factors can induce the relapse of prostatitis including unhealthy living habits, improper use of medicine, antibiotic-resistance etc.
How to get epididymitis pain relief?
-For bacterial epididymitis, antibiotics treatment usually resolve acute epididymitis infections in a very short time, however a minimum of two to four weeks of antibiotic therapy is recommended to eradicate the offending organism completely. It is important to treat the infection completely to try to prevent chronic epididymitis and to keep the infection from spreading to the testicle. Spread of the infection to the testicles could make you infertile (unable to have children).
-For Chronic epididymitis, The discomfort or pain of chronic epididymitis can be treated with antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medicine. If antibiotics and pain-killer medicine do not help, natural medicine such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill may be necessary.
-As to the last one, It’s important to develop good living habit and look after yourself and find things that help you to manage your stress levels and feel more in control. besides, people should consult your healthcare professional before using any other medicine.