Ejaculatory Disorder: Pathophysiology & Management

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Causes of ejaculatory disorder in men 
1. Medications: Sympathetic excitability plays a dominant role in the autonomic nervous system that regulates ejaculation and secretion, so drugs that affect the sympathetic ganglia, such as nerve node blockers and adrenergic receptor blockers, can cause ejaculation disorders. 
2. Idiopathic causes: unexplained complete ejaculation disorder and retro-ejaculation are rare, but conventional treatment methods are effective and are aiming at one of the predisposing factors for ejaculation disorder. 
3. Psychological disorders: ejaculation disorder caused by psychological disorders are mainly premature ejaculation. The reason is mainly due to mental and psychological self-guilt and unease, as well as improper sexual awareness or regret for sexual behaviors in the past, or lack of confidence in sexual life, or even fear. 
Prevention of ejaculatory disorders, for all ages 
1. Quit smoking 
For men who often smoke, their reproductive organs will be stimulated by nicotine and other harmful substances. For men who have smoked for a long time, their reproductive organs will lose normal functions, resulting in ejaculatory disorders. Therefore, in order to avoid ejaculatory dysfunction, men should avoid smoking. 
2. Avoid frequent masturbation 
In order to meet their sexual needs, many men will masturbate, however long-term masturbation will negatively affect reproductive organs, leading to premature ejaculation, impotence, posing a great threat to even male fertility. To avoid ejaculatory disorders, men should avoid frequent masturbation. 
3. Avoid long-term medication 
If a man is unwell or suffers from a disease, he is not supposed to take medication on his own for a long time. Or the reproductive organs will be affected and men could suffer from ejaculatory disorders. Because the stimulation of drugs can cause changes in male genitourinary system, so men have possibilities of getting inflammations caused by congestion.
4. Prompt treatment after suffering from genitourinary diseases 
Men suffering from reproductive system diseases should be timely treated for seminal vesiculitis, orchitis, or epididymitis, etc. Because these diseases can affect male ejaculatory function, leading to male ejaculatory disorders. For men who get these diseases, experts recommen taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, a natural medicine that has no side effects and does not produce resistance. It works on anti-inflammation and sterilization, blood circulation promotion, diuretics and stranguria treatment, so for male urinary tract or genitourinary inflammation, it has a very good therapeutic effect, patients can be healed with almost no rate of recurrence.