Physiotherapy of Epididymitis

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Physiotherapy is a commonly used supplementary method in the clinical treatment of diseases at present. Especially when patients suffer from swelling, pain, and discomfort, the correct use of physiotherapy can help patients to alleviate symptoms. However, attention should be paid to avoid damaging the vas deferens while alleviating symptoms.

Patients with epididymitis in the acute stage need to rest in bed, and then use a scrotal bracket to lift the scrotum, which can help alleviate symptoms. For swelling and pain, local hot compress and cold compress can be used to alleviate it, but cold compress is the main method in the early stage. If hot compress and heat therapy are used too early, it will aggravate the spread of inflammation and the condition.
Physiotherapy of epididymitis is mostly used to help alleviate symptoms in the later stage of the condition. Patients can be treated by laser, ultrashort wave, and other physiotherapy methods, such as TDP electromagnetic wave therapy device, which has been used to treat epididymitis in recent years. 
The principle of physiotherapy in the treatment of epididymitis is to dilate local blood vessels and accelerate blood circulation through external heat effect, thus helping to reduce inflammation, but also to alleviate swelling, pain, and discomfort of patients.

Physiotherapy has a positive effect on epididymitis to a certain extent, but if it is used improperly, it will also cause adverse effects. In addition to the acute phase mentioned above, if hot compress is applied too early, it will accelerate the spread of inflammation. If the treatment is not careful, it will easily injure the vas deferens and cause more significant and irreversible harm. Therefore, for non-acute epididymitis, in fact, the choice of drugs such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is excellent, which can help eliminate symptoms very well.
One end of the vas deferens communicates with the epididymal duct, and the other end converges with the seminal vesicle gland duct. This position makes it easy to directly injure the vas deferens if the temperature of the local epididymal hyperthermia is slightly neglected. Thus, the disadvantages of the treatment outweigh the advantages. Therefore, caution must be taken when choosing physiotherapy.
In addition, basic physiotherapy such as warm sitz bath and hot compress should also be paid attention to. In addition to temperature control, we should also pay attention to the time, if you put the scrotum in a high-temperature state for a long time, it will affect the function of testicular spermatogenesis, but also not conducive to the survival of sperm, so we must pay attention to physiotherapy.

In a word, physical therapy of epididymitis is vital to avoid damaging vas deferens. In addition, the treatment of epididymitis is still mainly based on drug treatment, such as rational choice of antibiotics in acute phase, safe and effective herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be taken in the chronic phase. If you want to get a thorough cure as soon as possible, you must choose the correct treatment method or take physical therapy in regular hospitals. Only in this way can harm be minimized as much as possible. I wish you can recover as soon as possible!

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