Self-Massage Improves Epididymitis Condition

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Around the center of your heel, it is the reflection area of the reproductive area. If the left scrotum is swollen, you can use the horn massage stick to massage the left position on the left around the center of your heel. If the right scrotum is swollen, you can use the same way to massage it.

And this position is easy to find, patients with epididymitis will have obvious pain when touching the reflex area, and the testes on the affected side will feel very comfortable. After several times of massage, it will have a very obvious effect. The pain of the scrotum will be reduced, and the swelling will be eliminated.
Of course, the method of massage is very important. You should first press up and down and then push hard from the center of the foot to the heel 10 to 20 minutes at a time, 3 to 4 times a day. However, it should be noted that self-massage is generally not recommended for the onset of the disease, because self-massage is likely to cause secondary injury and secondary infection due to the wrong manipulation or unclean hands.
Epididymitis itself is not terrible. What's terrible is that we don't receive treatment and care in time. Early diagnosis and treatment are very important to improve the cure rate, reduce the rate of a lost testis, and avoid serious consequences. It is an indisputable fact that multiple bacterial infections will lead to recurrence.

If accompanied with other diseases, it is more likely to recur, and it will be followed by urethritis, prostatitis, and seminal vesiculitis. Therefore, it is suggested to treat it timely and effectively to avoid recurrence. In addition, if the epididymitis patients blindly take medication, the treatment effect will be unsatisfactory.
If you want to treat it thoroughly, you need to cooperate with the doctor's treatment and follow his guidance. Antibacterial drugs and analgesics can be taken orally under the guidance of doctors, and hot compress therapy can be used locally. If there is a cyst, it needs to be cut and drained.
If it is a chronic type, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs should be given together with physical therapy. Patients need to adhere to finish the whole course to avoid repeated attacks.

The traditional treatment of epididymitis is antibiotics, analgesics, surgical drainage, and other methods. The treatment of epididymitis with antibiotics and analgesics can temporarily relieve the pain, and it is convenient to take, but the effect can not help you cure the causes, long-term use will produce drug resistance, side effects are also huge.
There are many kinds of complications that infect each other and cause recurrence. Epididymitis and urethritis and prostatitis usually coexist at the same time, because these infectious diseases are difficult to treat, which also increases the difficulty of treatment of epididymitis, and leads to the problem that treatment is always incomplete and recurrence occurs, so this treatment should be treated in a regular hospital in time.
Generally, patients with mild to moderate degrees of severity are mainly treated with drugs. Patients can rest in bed, use antibiotics, lift the scrotum, and apply hot compress locally. If the scrotal swelling is obvious, it can be applied with a 50% magnesium sulfate solution to help the inflammation subside and improve the clinical symptoms.

The combination of traditional Chinese herbal medicine and chemical medicine in the treatment of epididymitis has obvious advantages over the use of antibiotics alone. Herbal medications Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has the functions of clearing heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, eliminating swelling and relieving pain, can be directly selected for treatment. Some patients with severe epididymitis may need to receive surgical treatment to remove necrotic tissue.

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