How to Treat Epididymitis Due to Yeast Infection?

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Fungi are a large group of microorganisms, at least over 100000 species, but only about 300 species can cause human infection. Most of the fungal infections in the male reproductive system are caused by yeast infection. Yeast is a kind of opportunistic pathogen, which is widely distributed in human skin, mouth, gastrointestinal tract, anus, and vulva.

In general, yeast is not pathogenic, but if the immunity drops or the local environment changes, it can multiply in large numbers and develop into mycelium type, which invades the tissue and produces pathological changes.
Fungal infection of the male reproductive system is mainly manifested as fungal epididymitis, which is often caused by sexual contact, but also by contact with contaminated bath towels, bathtubs, clothing, medical equipment, and other infections.
Fungi are not bacteria, so antibiotic treatment is ineffective. The disease is highly prevalent in people who suffer from consumptive diseases and low immunity for a long time, such as patients with malignant tumors, renal failure, diabetes mellitus, hormone, immunosuppressant, or immune deficiency.
Patients with serious infectious diseases, consumptive diseases, vitamin B deficiency, or long-term abuse of broad-spectrum antibiotics, resulting in the imbalance of flora, also have a higher risk of getting a yeast infection. At present, because of widely used wide-spectrum antibiotics and corticosteroids, the incidence is increasing.

It has been reported that the genital infection rate of men who have sexual contact with women with Candida vaginitis is 69.4%; the detection rate of yeast infection on the penis of partners in women with Candida vaginitis is more than four times that of men in the control group.
Whether yeast invades the body or not depends on many factors, not only on the immune function of the body but also on the quantity, virulence, and local environmental changes.

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