Botanical Medicine for Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

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Botanical medicine has the functions of non-specific anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, promoting detrusor contraction of bladder and relaxation of the smooth muscle of urethra, which is helpful to relieve the discomfort of the prostate. Here are some common botanical medicines for chronic pelvic pain syndrome:

Pygeum bark
Pygeum bark is an extract made from the bark of the African Pygeum tree. It is usually sold as a prostate health supplement. The extract of bark and fruit can inhibit the growth of human fibroblasts and slow down the production of epidermal growth factor, which has a significant effect on prostate disease.

Pumpkin seed extract
Pumpkin seed extract can effectively prevent and treat prostate diseases, which is due to the secretion of the hormone function of the prostate depends on fatty acids, while South melon seed extract is rich in fatty acids, which can maintain good prostate function.

Ryegrass can reduce swelling and inflammation by interfering with certain chemicals and can be used to treat prostate disorders such as BPH, prostate pain, and prostatitis. It may also slow the growth of prostate cancer cells.

Beta sitosterol
As a kind of phytosterol, β - sitosterol can relieve the tension of bladder, urinary sphincter and anterior relieving gland, so it can improve the symptoms such as thin urine rheology, unclean micturition, post micturition drips, interruption of urine flow, etc., make the urination fast and unobstructed, and reduce the pain of urination.

In traditional Indian medicine, Crateva is used as a tonic and helpful for urogenital health. Zinc and selenium are essential minerals for prostate health, including relieving the symptoms of frequent nocturnal urination, urgent and frequent urination.

It has been proved by clinical trials that it has a high curative effect in the treatment of hemorrhagic diseases, circulatory disorders and atherosclerosis. Chronic pelvic pain syndrome is often associated with pelvic circulatory disorders and pelvic congestion.
It is suggested that these supplements can not replace drugs, balanced and diversified diet and healthy lifestyle.

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