Natural Treatments for Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

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Chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) is a common clinical painful disease. Because of the complex etiology, conventional treatment methods such as drugs, nerve block and surgery are often ineffective. In recent years, it has been found that some safe and natural treatments have better therapeutic and symptom-eliminating effects on CPPS.

Physical therapy
Using the principle of electric field and wave which can generate heat on the diseased tissue, it can improve blood circulation, strengthen the nourishment of local tissues, accelerate the absorption and clearance of inflammatory products, which is conducive to the reduction of inflammation, thus improving symptoms.
However, it can not fundamentally improve the pathological changes caused by inflammation and other factors, but can only temporarily relieve the symptoms. The possibility of causing impotence and infertility leads to the limited use of men in the normal childbearing period. Therefore, it has not been widely used yet.

Botanical Medicine
A large number of studies have shown that many herbal preparations, such as pollen extract, Saw palmetto fruit extract and quercetin, have the functions of anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, promoting bladder function, relaxing urethral smooth muscle and so on, which can significantly reduce the pain and symptoms of prostatitis patients, and improve the quality of life of patients.

Cognitive behavior therapy
Behavior therapy can keep patients in an optimistic state of mind, it includes exercise properly, discharge semen regularly, carry out hyperthermia on local tissue, mental health popular science education about knowledge of prostate disease, psychological counseling, lifestyle and other health education once a week, and take 8 weeks as a course to get a comparative analysis. The results showed that the satisfactory effect could be obtained by eliminating tension, relieving pressure, controlling emotion and adjusting psychology.

Music therapy
In modern medicine, music is used to reduce people's stress and anxiety and enhance the immune system response.

Medical gymnastics
Prostatitis medical-gymnastics is a kind of exercise, which has the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, clearing joints, relaxing mood and enhancing resistance. It can help contract the perineal muscles and lift the anus, accelerate the blood circulation of the perineum, improve the muscle tension and strengthen the resistance to inflammation.

Foot reflexotherapy
Foot reflexotherapy is based on the principles of meridians, blood circulation and nerve reflexology. By improving and promoting blood circulation, neurohumoral metabolism, mobilizing immune function, adjusting imbalance, blocking the original pathological information reflex, it can achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment. The results showed that foot reflexes massage could reduce the levels of IL-8 and TNF - α in prostatic fluid of patients with chronic prostatitis.
The treatments introduced above can only be a adjuvant therapy, which can help eliminate symptoms but can not achieve a cure. Patients with chronic pelvic pain syndrome often have swelling, soreness and even severe pain in the perineum or prostate area, which are mainly caused by the habitual contraction and spasm of pelvic muscles.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence of pain is related to blood stasis, poor blood circulation is often the key cause of pain. Therefore, herbal medicine with with the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis has a very significant therapeutic effect.

The peach kernel, safflower, angelica, red peony, pangolin and banksia rose in the formula can all play a role of promoting blood and Qi circulation and removing blood stasis. Therefore, it can effectively eliminate swelling and pain, edema, hypertrophy, hyperplasia, tumor and mass, and make prostate gland shrink to normal size due to its effects of anti-fibrosis, anti-calcification.
In addition, it can improve the immune function, not only emphasizing the rapidity of eliminating the disease symptoms, but also attach the importance to eliminating the root cause, preventing the recurrence caused by the incomplete sterilization of antibacterial drugs. At the same time, due to the compatibility of the natural herbs, there is no need to worry about side effects and drug resistance and patients can take it for a long term.

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