Is It Effective to Get Rid of Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome with Medical Gymnastics?

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Chronic pelvic pain syndrome is a common clinical male disease, and it will bring a lot of pain and trouble to patients. If it can not be cured in time, it will be complicated with diseases such as seminal vesiculitis, impotence, and infertility. Generally, because the therapeutic effect of antibiotics is not very ideal, some physical methods (such as medical-gymnastics, hot compress, etc.) are often used to assist the treatment of the disease.

Medical gymnastics, which is specially used to prevent and cure diseases, has a good effect on the functional recovery of trauma, post-operation and paralysis, as well as many internal diseases. It has been widely used in the clinic and is one of the important contents of medical sports. According to the nature and condition of the disease, the exercise can be selected pertinently, which can affect not only the whole body but also the local area.
Medicinal gymnastics can alleviate the clinical symptoms of chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Through the movement of abdominal, perineal, and gluteus maximus, it can promote the blood and lymph circulation of the prostate and is conducive to the disappearance and absorption of local inflammation. In particular, it can relieve the symptoms of low back soreness, pain, and discomfort in the lower perineum, nervous dysfunction, and neurasthenia.
In addition, it can also help the drug efficacy play a role in the prostate gland more quickly, and the effect can be more significant. However, it should be paid attention to the fact that strenuous exercise will cause congestion and edema of the prostate gland and aggravate the symptoms of discomfort. Therefore, the intensity of exercise should be moderate; about half an hour every day is a good choice.
In addition, patients can also be treated with herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. IT IS developed by Dr. Lee according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and more than 30 years' clinical experience in practice. This natural medicine can not only eliminate the pain and discomfort of the patients but also help the patients heal and improve their immunity, so as to achieve the effect of getting a thorough cure and preventing recurrence.

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