Music Therapy for Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

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Epidemiological studies have found that pain and mental disorders are common and comorbidity. As we all know, mental pressure can lead to muscle tension. If mental pressure is bothered for a long time, the excitability of the cerebral cortex will be increased, which will lead to muscle continuous and involuntary contraction, and lead to continuous tension of pelvic floor muscle and pain, causing chronic pelvic pain syndrome.
Music therapy is also known as music medicine. Music, medicine, and psychology are new interdisciplinary subjects. There is no unified definition of music therapy, and different people have a different understanding of it.
There is a theory that music first affects people's emotions, produces all kinds of emotions, and then affects people's physiology. The other is that music influences human psychology by affecting human physiology. In fact, the two mechanisms are largely interactive.
Music therapists make use of music's great influence on emotion, change people's emotions through music, and finally change people's cognition. But they don't just play some relaxing and wonderful music for the people being treated, to temporarily relieve the pain.

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