Steam Therapy for Chronic Nonbacterial Prostatitis

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Steam therapy is a kind of systemic diathermy, which can promote blood circulation and metabolism, increase blood flow, reduce blood lipid and cholesterol, and restore the normal physiological function of the human body.
The effect of the steam bath stimulates the increase of leukocytes in the blood and improves the immunity of the human body. In vitro temperature changes, due to the expansion and contraction of blood vessels, can prevent arteriosclerosis.
Modern medical research has confirmed that the factors of a steam bath on the human body are the double effects of high temperature and air humidity and cold air or cold water stimulation. It can promote the metabolism of the body, accelerate the blood circulation, improve the respiratory function and cardiovascular system function, help to restore fatigue and repair damaged tissues, and regulate the nervous system function.
As a kind of steam therapy, herbal fumigation therapy is a method to fumigate the body by using the steam produced by boiling the medicine, so as to achieve the purpose of disease treatment. Chinese herbal medicines such as safflower, angelica, and Salvia miltiorrhiza can be used for fumigation in patients with chronic nonbacterial prostatitis.

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