Eight Fruits Good For The Orchitis Improvement

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If the treatment of acute orchitis is not thorough or improper, the disease will turn into chronic orchitis. Suffering from chronic orchitis, men become increasingly agitated.
It is said that food improves one's appetite as well as one's mood. So what can patients with orchitis eat? Try these eight fruits good for both your body and mind.
1. Kiwi fruit
Take 50g of fresh kiwi fruit, make juice with 250ml of boiling water, which can help you relieve urinary pain caused by orchitis and prostatitis.

2. Grape
Take 250g of fresh grapes, soaked in suitable amount of drinking water. One to two times a day, for about two weeks, which can help you improve inflammation and urinary pain.
3. Pawpaw
Take 250g of pawpaws, slice them and put into 1000g of rice wine or light liquor. After soaking for two weeks, it can be used as drink. 15 milliliters each time, twice a day for two weeks. It can help you improve kidney deficiency and weak yang as well as premature ejaculation.
4. Ginkgo nut
Take 10 ginkgo nuts, fried and cooked with shell, then take out the edible kernel. Twice a day for two weeks, which can help you improve too much nocturnal emission.
5. Mango
Take 10 grams of mango core, decocted after being mashed. Twice a day for about two weeks, which can help you treat orchitis and testicular swelling pain.

6. Lotus seed
Take 15 grams of fresh lotus seeds and cook them with water. It can also be used with meals. Take it twice a day for two days, which can help you improve spermatorrhea.
7. Red date
Red date is beneficial to the function of blood strengthening. Regular consumption of this food can play the role in blood supplementing. It has a good therapeutic effect on premature ejaculation and impotence of male patients.
8. Litchi
Take 15 to 20 litchis, decocted after being mashed, which can help you improve the testicular swelling.
Eating more of these foods can help you improve your orchitis and its associated symptoms. But if you want to get rid of orchitis completely, you are recommended to take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.
This is a useful herbal medicine that can work well on urogenital system, and it can help patients relieve painful symptoms as well as abnormal urinary problems. It has no side effects, and it won’t lead to any drug resistance in patients. Therefore, it is widely used as an effective and safe option for male patients in clinical practice.

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