Epididymitis "Slander" Fertility! What To Do?

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Epididymitis has an effect on male fertility.
Anatomically, the living place of sperm is the epididymis. If the epididymis suffers from inflammation, the living environment of sperm will be affected, and the vitality of sperm will be reduced to some extent, resulting in dead sperm, no sperm, and even loss of fertility.
In addition, men suffer from epididymitis, which also affects sex life, causing painful intercourse, premature ejaculation and other problems.

If there is not timely medical treatment, it will also lead to the emergence of other diseases, such as prostatitis, endocrine diseases, varicoceles and so on. As time goes by, these diseases will further harm the health of men, making them rather miserable.
How to solve epididymitis?
The most basic principle of treating disease is to see a doctor in time and take medicine on time.
Epididymitis is an inflammation often caused by bacterial infection. For bacterial infections, many people are treated with antibiotics, which is currently the most common treatment.
Antibiotics have their advantages and benefits, but not all patients are suitable for antibiotics.
Especially for some patients with chronic diseases, long-term use of antibiotics is not conducive to treatment, but easy to lead to drug resistance. And antibiotics inevitably cause side effects, leaving patients with headaches, diarrhea and other problems.
Is there an easy and simple treatment that has no side effects?
Yes, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill suits you best.
Compared with antibiotics, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can also sterilize the human body, and do not cause side effects or drug resistance.

This is because it is a pure Chinese medicine product, made from a variety of Chinese herbs, which is naturally harmless. And it can help patients improve the body's immunity, and repair damaged tissue, and effectively help patients improve fertility.
In addition to taking medicine on time, patients with epididymitis should also pay attention to the formation of good habits in daily life, which is also a key factor in winning the battle.
A healthy diet:
-- Eat less foods high in cholesterol.
-- Eat less red meat like pork, beef, mutton and other meat with high cholesterol.
-- Eat more white meat like chicken, fish and other meat with low cholesterol.
No spicy food or stimulation -- stay away from spicy food, alcohol and tobacco.
Live a regular life and keep your bowels unobstructed.
Mental conditioning -- Keep a good mood, do not overwork, and take part in appropriate physical activities.
Prevent from catching a cold and do not hold urine.
Equipped with effective treatment and good habits, like a main output and auxiliary blood return, you will be able to carry the whole match.

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