Pain In The Scrotum, Do You Have Epididymitis?

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Have you ever felt scrotal pain? And for no apparent reason, your scrotum suddenly starts to ache. Why is that?
Pain in the scrotum can be caused by many reasons, one of which is the epididymitis.  And with the progression of the disease, it is possible to double the volume of the epididymis within a short term. And that's the way you feel pain in the scrotum.

When having epididymitis, it is easy to let the pain from the scrotal position slowly spread to the groin position, causing a squeeze and pain in the groin at the very end. Sometimes it can also make the skin appear thin and easy to peel off the situation.
Epididymitis also affects the testicles, causing them to swell and harden slowly. When you touch the surface of your scrotum, you feel pain. In some cases, the testis will atrophy, or in severe cases, it will barely survive at all.
Because epididymitis can cause pain and make it last for a long period of time, and the chronic pain of the body will make the patient's mood get down and down, thus leading to depression, anger, sadness, irritability and so on. In serious cases, it will affect the male sexual life and cause the husband and wife affection to be affected, leading to a breakup.
In today's society, many men suffer from epididymitis without treatment, which eventually leads to infertility. So what should they do with it? Anyway, just get treated in time. There is no other time to let you waste. Usually, you can take antibiotics to treat epididymitis. But you can't use antibiotics for too long because of the inevitable resistance and side effects. So for patients with chronic epididymitis, they need other treatments.

Currently, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has been proved to be a very suitable product for the treatment of chronic epididymitis, which is a pure Chinese medicine that can effectively help patients with bacterial and viral infections, and help patients with pain and swelling of the sexual organs. It doesn't cause any side effects or drug resistance during the long-term treatment, so it's very helpful in treating chronic epididymitis.
If you want to get yourself cured faster and more completely, your daily conditioning can not slow you down. Commonly, you need healthy and moderate daily habits.
For example, holding urine is a very bad habit, and when there is a full bladder, it is easy to cause neuromuscular disorders, which can easily lead to urine reflux, aggravating the epididymitis. So you should urinate in time and drink more water to wash your urinary tract.
Also, you should eat light food such as fruits and vegetables. Don’t eat any spicy food or other stimulating stuff that may stimulate your prostate gland and other urinary organs, which may aggravate the inflammation, not conducive to the treatment. So, control your mouth, always.

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