What are the Differences Between Acute and Chronic Orchitis? How to Prevent Orchitis?

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The testis is an essential organ of the male and a place to reproduce sperm and is closely related to male fertility. Orchitis is divided into acute Orchitis and chronic Orchitis, joint inflammation of the male reproductive system, and can be caused by various pathogenic factors orchitis changes. In daily life, many men do not understand Orchitis, resulting in the disease being poorly controlled, leading to the deterioration of the condition, increasing the difficulty of treatment. What distinction does acute, chronic Orchitis have? How to prevent Orchitis?

What are the differences between acute and chronic Orchitis?
1. Acute Orchitis
It is more common in young and middle-aged people and children. It is often caused by urinary system infection, seminal vesiculitis of the prostate, and prostatectomy. Acute onset, obvious systemic symptoms, such as high fever, chills, pain in the affected side of the scrotum, tight skin, redness, swelling, urgency, frequent urination, and apparent tenderness, may be complicated by hydrocele.
Acute non-specific Orchitis pathologically, macroscopic observation is mainly caused by enlarged testicles, hyperemia, and nervousness. A small abscess was seen when the testis was incised. Histology showed focal necrosis, connective tissue edema and lobular infiltration, seminiferous tubules with inflammation, hemorrhage, and necrosis. In severe cases, testicular abscesses and testicular infarction can be formed.
The diagnosis of acute non-specific Orchitis is mainly based on clinical symptoms such as high fever, chills, testicular swelling and pain, redness of the scrotum, and edema. Of course, men also need to pay attention to distinguishing from diseases such as acute epididymitis, mumps orchitis, torsion of the spermatic cord, and incarcerated hernia.
Early diagnosis, timely antibiotics, and removal of the cause are essential means to protect good function in the future. A small number of Orchitis after patients are cured can cause testicular atrophy due to fibrosis and damage to the seminiferous tubules, affecting fertility.
2. Chronic Orchitis
It may be acutely delayed, or there may be no acute phase. It is formed due to long-term mild infection. The clinical manifestations are local discomfort. The epididymis is uniformly and slightly enlarged, hard, and not adhered to the skin. The vas deferens are normal or somewhat hard. Orchitis can be cured as long as the disease is found to be treated promptly and systematically and effectively to prevent testicular damage.
Orchitis can be cured with herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill had the effects of clearing away heat, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, and sterilizing. It is made of more than 50 kinds of herbal medicine, the ingredients are purely natural and pollution-free, and long-term use will not cause side effects or drug resistance to the body.

How to prevent Orchitis?
1. Keep clean and sanitary
Doing reasonable hygiene measures can effectively prevent Orchitis caused by unclean factors or infections. It is a way to protect the testicles from the root. In daily life, boys generally do not clean their genitals every day. So it is very prone to the growth of bacteria. Men can slightly increase the frequency of cleaning the local area to ensure no relief from the proliferation of bacteria.
2. Avoid premature sex
At present, many children are too intelligent, and it is not uncommon to have puberty, but the male genitals are generally not fully developed until after the age of 24. Therefore, premature sex can easily damage the genitals and cause local dysfunction. It also has a specific effect on the testicles.
3. Avoid excessive indulgence
Good sex life is every day. It can not only please the body and mind but also adjust the physical state. However, if the sex life is too frequent for a long time, it will cause a decline in sexual function due to long-term congestion of the genitals. In severe cases, it can also be caused by a decrease in resistance. Infection and inflammation can be generated. In addition to Orchitis, it can also easily lead to prostate enlargement, infertility, and other diseases.
4. Keep close-fitting clothing loose and comfortable
The comfort level of clothing in the genital area is fundamental. Loose and comfortable clothing can avoid the continuous burden and keep it cool in the summer when it is overheated. In terms of pathogenic factors, looser clothing can avoid local moisture, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, and help men maintain long-term health.
At present, there are many treatment methods for Orchitis. During the treatment period, men must pay attention to maintaining hygiene and abstinence. Otherwise, it will only affect the treatment effect. Orchitis is also prone to recurrence. Usually, Orchitis is not treated as long as it is treated in time. It will have a considerable impact, but it still needs more attention. It is, of course, the best to prevent physical problems.
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