Why Should Patients with Epididymitis Drink Coffee in Small Quantities?

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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It is not only loved by office workers but also by students, middle-aged and older adults. Coffee has a lot of loyal fans. There are many claims about drinking coffee. For example, drinking coffee will hurt the stomach and heart and cause heart palpitations and headaches, or it is not conducive to improving various diseases. But research suggests a relatively positive answer: A study of more than 36 sub-studies involving 1.28 million people found that people who drank coffee every day had a 10% lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

So, can people with epididymitis drink coffee?
Coffee contains various bioactive ingredients, such as caffeine, tannins, volatile fats, etc. The coffee is warm. Too much intake of coffee makes people inflamed, and it also causes the sympathetic nerves to be excited. Caffeine is bitter and has a stimulating effect on nerve cells. Since patients with epididymitis appear congestive, drinking caffeine increases stimulation and congestion. As a result, the inflammatory response is aggravated and is not helpful for recovery. Therefore, many doctors do not recommend that patients with epididymitis drink more coffee.
Epididymitis is common in young people and can be categorized into acute epididymitis and chronic epididymitis according to the course of this disease. Acute epididymitis comes on suddenly, and patients usually appear to have a high fever, suffer from scrotum bilge pain and sink-drop feeling on the affected side, feel drag pain in the lower abdomen and groin ministry aggravated when walking or standing, and suffer from epididymis enlargement and apparent tenderness on the affected side. In general, acute symptoms may subside after a week. Chronic epididymitis is more common, and some patients become chronic because the acute phase is not completely cured. Such patients should not drink more coffee. 
Coffee can wake people up and have a diuretic effect. Though it is exciting that coffee can prompt human body metabolism, caffeine constantly stimulates adrenalin secretion to refresh people. Coffee brings too much stimulation, so the tolerance of people enhances. People will be increasingly tired; over time, the human body is harmed. Worse still, cancer might be caused in severe cases. For such reasons, men should have regular physical check-ups, control their diet, drink less coffee and get more rest. Men are suggested to take the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment, whose effects of eliminating epididymal inflammation, being antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and promoting diuresis are proven effective. 
So, what should epididymitis patients avoid eating in their daily diet?
1. Do not eat chili, garlic, and other spicy and stimulating foods, which will affect the recovery of the disease and even aggravate the condition.
2. Do not drink alcohol. Drinking alcohol is not conducive to reproductive organs such as epididymis and leads to slow recovery.
3. Don't eat food rich in oil; having a light diet is good.
4. Eat less pig's feet, fish soup, mutton, and other "stimulating foods", because such foods can cause the inflammation site secretions to increase and diseases like orchitis to aggravate.
If male patients have epididymitis, they should maintain a good state of mind in daily life. Do not have too much pressure. It is appropriate to do physical exercise and have more exposure to the sun. They should not be too tired and try to enhance resistance. Patients with this disease must pay attention to timely treatment. During the treatment, patients should not have sex, masturbation, and other related condition. They should also avoid smoking and alcohol and maintain a regular life. Patients can seek medical help in the hospital to carry out relevant examinations and treatment. Early treatment can help achieve satisfactory results.
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