Tuberculous Epididymitis Causes Infertility

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Tuberculous Epididymtiis is one of the most common tuberculosis in male genital system. The main symptoms of tuberculous epididymitis are swelling or enlarged testis, hard lumps in the testis, and adhesion of testis and scrotum, ulcer and suppuration of scrotum skin. Severe symptoms are vague bounds between testis and scrotum, and heavier spermaduct.

Tuberculous epididymitis often occur with tuberculous prostate or tuberculous seminal vesicle. Tubercle bacillus from the kidney go through the prostete, seminal vesicle and then enter the epididymis. Once the patient is infected with tubercle bacillus in the epididymis, his symptoms can be very obvious. As a result, the disease can be discovered in low stage. If one patients is diagnosed with tuberculous epididymitis, tuber bacillus can be found in both prostate and seminal vesicle. As prostate, seminal vesicle and the epididymis are very important organs in the genital system, as long as they are infected with tubercle bacillus, their would malfunction. The produce and growth of sperm gets poor, and the activity of sperm gets lower. Meanwhile, because of the lesion and blockage in the epididymis, sperm cannot enter seminal vesicle or ejaculatory duct. That's how tuberculous epididymitis causes infertility.
Prompt and appropriate treatment should be taken once the patients have their tuberculous epididymitis diagnosed. If western treatment are helpless, patients should think over traditional Chinese treatment. In Chinese herbs, Sessile Stemona Root is a kind of herb which can treat tuberculosis. Along with other herbs which can clear away heat and toxic material, they can kill tubercle bacillus in three months. The effect of the treatment is confirmed. 
While these herbs are treating tuberculosis and clearing away heat and toxic material, there are some other herbs which can promote blood and Qi circulation and dissipate hard lumps, they can subside the swelling and enlarged epididymis. As all the herbs in the formula working together, tuberculous epididymits can be cured in three to four months.