The relationship between chronic prostatitis and kidney deficiency

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Prostatitis is a common disease which always occurs in young men. Some patients who have prostatitis usually ask doctors if they suffer from kidney deficiency, and can it be cured, or what is a medicine to take. Other patients worry about the change of renal function that may be caused by kidney deficiency. For some people who have some knowledge of prostatitis and kidney ( a special conception in traditional Chinese medicine) possibly garble them. As a consequent, they spent a lot of money on tonic, but without any help and even make matters worse. Is prostatitis is kidney deficiency in traditional Chinese medical science?

1. The relationship between prostatitis and kidney:
To start with, kidney is much different in conceptions from westerns and China. Kidney is the body's urinary system organ in western, which holds the function of producing and excreting urine. Plus, kidney is the organ that clears the metabolites in the blood, regulates the intracellular and extracellular fluid and solute concentration, which ensures environment in the body remains stable. Diseases that relates to kidney are: nephritis, renal failure (uremia), urinary tract infection, kidney congenital malformations, tumors and stones, etc.
However, In the conception of traditional Chinese medicine, kidney does not only manage urinary system function, but also relates to reproductive system. In the theory accepted by traditional Chinese medicine records that sperm stores in kidney, so kidney controls reproduction, other related aspects are: liquid metabolism; marrow production, brain dredge, hair growth, reproductive organ and anus regulation.
To be brief, kidney plays a leading role in running the body. Therefore, kidney is a general definition in traditional Chinese medical science. Chronic prostatitis is assorted into genitourinary system diseases, with the symptoms of abnormal urination, pain in perineum area. For patients with server condition, sexual dysfunction and systemic neurasthenia also always come into being. In point of traditional Chinese medical science, lesions usually lie in kidney and bladder. Some patients are with the symptoms of kidney deficiency. But most of patients are not. So, it is not scientific to equate prostatitis and kidney deficiency as the same thing.
2.   Deficiency And Excess :
As traditional Chinese medical science refers, every disease can't be renegade from exterior-interior relationship of Yin and Yang and theory of abstraction and object, that is to say, the same disease, if it is analyzed from different individuals, the disease can be classified into different conditions. Take prostatitis as an example, to distinguish wether the patients belong to deficiency or excess is the premise of choosing the targeted treatment. If it is "excess", sthenia syndrome requiring purgation is helpful, while if it deficiency, tonification is reasonable. If they are reversed, condition can be worsened.
Generally speaking, prostatitis can be divided into two forms: one is dampness invasion of lowerjiao, symptoms are: urinary frequency, dysuria, urinary wait, urine lek, pain in perineum area and scrotum wet. Those are symptoms that can be found in patients who have short duration of disease and good physique. For those people, they are not with symptoms of deficiency. This can be explained as too much dampness and heat in the body, which accumulates in bladder and kidney. In this situation, herbs which can clear heat and promote diuresis and which  can promote blood circulation by removing blood stasis can both be applied to the treatment. If just tonifing the kidney, patients can face the problem of pathogenic heat deep hiding in the interior and which is tough to solve.
The other is kidney deficiency. Urination difficulty, sore and pain in waist and knee, cold in arms and legs, dry mouth and throat, dysphoria and dreaminess, feverish sensation over the palm and sole, and sexual dysfunction, this is what is called kidney deficiency, it commonly happens in patients who have long duration of disease and poor physique. Treatment for those suffers should be tonification and escorted with medicines that contains composition which can clear and promote blood circulation. In clinic, excess and deficiency are not unconditional. Sometime, the condition shows both with excess and deficiency. So, bolt to the bran is the key.
3. Kidney deficiency is not fearful:
Patients who have prostatitis are often anxious with kidney deficiency, they think they are more difficult to recover. In the course of time, they make efforts to search more information and compare what they read to their own condition. In fact, some patients who do not have kidney deficiency listen to and believe rumors, as a result, they pay a lot for curing deficiency which is without necessity. To be frank, chronic prostatitis is not a serious disease, though it is difficulty to treat, but if proper treatment is given, patients can recover with three months. According to the "differential treatment" principle in traditional Chinese medical science, both mental and physical should be closely combined. Besides, diet is also significant.