Can uncured prostatitis develop to prostate cancer?

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 Can uncured prostatitis develop to prostate cancer?  Relationship between prostatitis and prostate cancer has long been the matter that most patients who have prostatitis concern. Do they have some relevance?

The exact causes of prostate cancer are not clear now, but it can relate to change of the genes. For instance, change of genes relate to androgen receptor can increase the risk of prostate cancer. While change of genes may be in connection with circumstance such as diet, . More the changed genes, higher risk of prostate cancer it will be. However, in rare cases, prostate cancer has something to do with hereditary. 
Apart from genetic factors, long-term irritation of inflammation can be one of the cause of prostate cancer as well. "chronic hepatitis can give rise to liver cancer, chronic gastric ulcer and colitis can increase the risk of stomach and colon." Though chronic inflammation is one of the factor which can lead to tumors, there's no proof to certify that uncured prostatitis can finally develop to prostate cancer. 
Prostatitis seems completely independent of prostate cancer, and can not lead to increased risk in prostate cancer. The two have different causes and belong to different diseases. Congestion that caused by multiple factors, especially passive hyperemia; pathogenic microorganism infection; anxiety, depression, fear or other adverse psychological factors are considered as three main causes of prostatitis. While the precise mechanism is not elucidated till now, generally, it is consider to concern genetic factors and sex hormone metabolism imbalance. 
So, can prostatitis be cured? Surely, it can! Traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a medical prescription that can promote blood circulation by removing blood stasis and clear away heat and toxic material. Prescription in this herbal medicine which can promote blood circulation can operate body running sluggish, resume activity in organizations. Prescription in this herbal medicine which can clear away heat and toxic material can effectively kill the bacteria and get rid of inflammation. 
In addtion, patients who have prostatitis can do some excise if time is permitted. In order to avoid server prostatitis, patients should not ride too frequently or for a long time, because the seat will oppress the prostate and aggravate pain. Patient should be temperate in intercourse. 3 litres of water is required to raise urination, which makes contribution to discharge waste matter from the body, Moreover, tobacco, alcohol, coffee and spice food are forbidden so as to reduce congestion in prostate. In summary, prostatitis is not definitely the criminal of prostate cancer. If patients build their confidence and accept rational therapeutics, prostatitis can be eventually cured.