Can chronic prostatitis lead to infertility? Can chronic prostatitis be cured?

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Can chronic prostatitis lead to infertility?
We can dialecically look on the question that whether chronic prostatitis can affect fertility. Some patients with grievous symptoms can still have kids. In theory, inflammation in prostate can have influence on both quantity and composition of semen. This indeed is the cause that can give rise to infertility.
To start with, we should realize that prostate fluid secretion decreases when there's inflammation in prostate. Meantime, the decreasing quantity of semen greatly interfere with survival and activity of sperm, which limit the activity of enzyme in the prostate fluid. Apart from that, inflammation can also lower PH value of semen, consequently, body produces anti-sperm antibodies that kills sperms. There is large amount of bacterial and bacterial neomycin in prostate fluid, which can consume the nutritional composition of seminal plasma. 

Analyzing from the clinic cases, most patients who have chronic prostatitis is normal in fertility. Few patients can have this problem, but factors that bring about infertility is complicated. If much attention is paid on chronic prostatitis, other causes may be leaved out. At last, if all tests are done in both wife and husband, but still can't find anything abnormal to cause infertility, patients should not ascribe this to chronic prostatitis. 


Can chronic prostatitis be cured? 

In fact, chronic prostatitis is not a incurable disease, but a disease which can not easily be rooted out. Take cold as an example, it can recovery but also recur next time. In this case, you can not say that you are not cured last time. What is important is that patients should persist a right therapeutic plan and have confidence in the coming result. Plus, good habit is also very important for people who have get rid of chronic prostatitis. Spice food, alcohol, long riding and sitting, uncontrolled intercourse, masturbation are forbidden. While things like doing exercise, keeping a good state of mind are necessary.
Will prostatitis be the cause of sexual dysfunction?
A large number of patients who have chronic prostatitis can be troubled with sexual dysfunction, e.g. spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation and impotence. But will prostatitis bring about sexual dysfunction? Theoretically, chronic prostatitis can not directly damage the neurovascular function of erectile, which can not cause impotence as well. However, unimproved discomfort in lumbosacral and perineum area can burden mental state of the suffers. Especially for patients who get little or even no knowledge of this disease. They are likely to worry about the sexual function and as a result, the unsettled psychic factor opens a door for hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Step by step, sexual disorder really occurs. Also, focus can be found in prostate, when prostate congestion happens in the period of sexual excitement, local pain becomes severer. What's worse, premature ejaculation and painful ejaculation , which lead to great fear of sexual life for patients. Moreover, some patients hold the view that the semen with inflammation can be bad for their partners, so that they control intercourse and gradually they feel less desire.
Clinical observations on prostatitis shows that chronic prostatitis can have something with sexual dysfunction. Whereas, most of patients who have this disease are able to live a normal life. Even for those who are in very serious condition, they still can enjoy eros. Thus, precluding unnecessary worries should be considered when patients are receiving the treatment. Besides, it is good for patients to learn more information about this disease or accept psychotherapy if it is needed. As a matter of fact, appropriate sexual life benefits the treatment for prostatitis. Of course, pathogens that bring about STDs can also cause prostatitis in the same person. In this situation. Protective measures ought to be taken to avoid communicating the infection to their mates.