Is your lifstyle the criminal of prostatitis

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Prostate is the largest subsidiary gland of a man, which always guards the bladder like a solider. Importance of prostatitis to men is huge, so it also called life line of a man. But it is really a troublesome gland, which usually brings about difficulties to men.

There is no smoke without fire, why does a men suffer from prostatitis? He must have do something wrong. Popularly say, unhealthy lifestyle is the enemy of prostate. Dr.Lee indicates that some prostatitis patients do not indeed take care of their lifestyle, and it is exactly what makes them suffer from diseases.
1. Drinking. Alcohol dependence is its medical terminology. When you are drinking, capillary congest all the time, along with sight swelling occurs, as same as what prostate happens. However, muscle fibrous connective tissue which surrounds with prostate stretches to the inner direction of prostate when swelling appears, so prostate is prone to be infected and face with prostatic hyperplasia.
2. Spicy food. Spicy food is also an inducement of prostate infection or prostatitis. When you have had spicy food, it irritates your digestive tract and leads to congestion in urinary tract, which easily induces constipation. Having too much spicy food is not good for local metabolism of prostate. As a mater of fact, inflammation can be triggered at any time.   
3. Lack of water. A man is required to drink seven cups of water, which is about 2000 milliliters. Someone may be confused that why we need to drink water even we are not thirsty. That is because when you feel thirsty, your body has already in a state of lacking water. And the metabolic function has also been affected. Therefore we can't drinking water until we are thirsty. One or two cup of water after getting up is a good habit. If you insist not drinking water everyday, your urine concentration will be high. Toxic substances assemble in urine, if it flows black to prostate tube, prostate can be invaded by these toxic substances. Hence, men who do not like to drink water are prone to have prostatitis. 
4. Habitual constipation. Oweing to the characteristics of the anatomical location, posterior lobe of the prostate is close to the rectum. If constipation occurs, fecal squeezes the prostate in rectum, which obstructs local blood circulation. Besides, some ADMs can be produced along with constipation, if they enter blood, it will cause systemic dysfunction and lower immunity.   
5. Personal hygiene. Variety of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, chlamydia can come into prostate through urinary tract infection, if you do not concern personal hygiene.
Sexual misconduct. Both frequent intercourse and excessive intercourse do harm to prostate. The large number of prostate fluid is need during sex life. So prostate has to congest and becomes swelling. In a normal case, it takes 24 hours to 48 hours to eliminate the congestion and swelling. Surely, frequent congestion and repeated swelling are not good things. Gradually, occurrence of infection is not abnormal. However, abstinence is another extreme.