The relationship between prostatitis and azoospermia

Date:2018-12-06 click:0

A lot of patients know that symptoms of prostatitis can lead to male infertility. However, another possibility is azoospermia, which is rarely known. Experts explain that azoospermia can indeed be affected by prostatitis symptoms.

As we have to express again that prostate is the largest gland of men's subsidiary glands. When prostate is infected, whether quality, amount of semen or ingredients of it, can be affected to some extent. Thus, as-permia, necrospermia, nonliquefaction of semen can also occur, which is definitely a fuse of infertility; Also, prostate plays an important role in male sexual function. Problem of prostate, if any, it can bring about erectile dysfunction, excessive ejaculation, no ejaculation, ejaculation pain or retrograde ejaculation. 
We must know that prostate is a vital part in male genitourinary system. And prostate fluid is the main component element of semen, which also decides the smooth discharge of semen. Therefore, once the prostate is infected, sperm motility and quality can be huge affected. As a result, male infertility may be unavoidable.
So please don't disregard your health when you are realizing your ambition. If you are desirous to live a quality life, you must pay attention to your health.