Summer is the best time to treat prostatitis

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We surely know that prostatitis is a common disease to men. So it is necessary for men to grasp the way to prevent it. How to prevent and treat prostatitis in summer?

Dr.Lee reminded that symptoms of chronic prostatitis show an alleviative tendency. Because of the weather, when it gets hotter, secretions content of people's sweat glands increases, oligakisuria is the necessity. In addition, the hot weather can lessen muscles in focus, extend blood vessel and promote blood circulation. As a result, swelling and congestion in prostate can be relieved, which helps urethra run smoothly. However, when it becomes colder, discomfort comes back soon.
Due to the complex causes of chronic prostatitis, different patients usually match with different symptoms. Commonly, some patients may experience symptoms such as frequent urine, pain when urinating, urinary urgency, local pain, but all indexes are normal. While some people are tested abnormal in checks of leukocyte and lecithin, but with no symptom. Therefore, when it comes to prostatitis treatment, we have to make it clear that only when symptoms disappear and all indexes becomes normal can we make a conclusion that prostatitis is cured.
Actually summer is the best time to treat prostatitis. Dr.Lee expressed that summer is the golden time to cure prostatitis. As we have mentioned above, the hot weather is benefit to relieve prostatitis symptoms. Plus, our blood circulation speeds up and cell regeneration can be improved. At this time, patients suffer less and though we say summer is the best time to treat prostatitis. Patients had better not delay the disease. Actually prostatitis is not a disease which can not be cured, but if it left untreated, the result is not certain.
What you can do if you have prostatitis
1. Though we are often active in summer evenings, but as a prostatitis patient, you need to keep a regular diet. Dr.Lee has said that your lifestyle may be the criminal of prostatitis. Avoid drinking and having spicy food a lot. We suggest prostatitis patients eat fruits, especially apples, because apples contain zinc. A report says that prostatitis patients are lack of zinc more or less, zine is an element which can diminish inflammation, so it is good for prostatitis patients to eat two or three apples everyday.
2. Get more exercise to prevent superinfection. It is a fact that exercise can improve blood circulation, which promotes absorbency in inflamed parts, and body resistance. Please keep relax and have warm bath.
3. Apart from that, prostatitis is usually required not to sit for a long time. Taking various activities aims to strengthen the body's response against disease by making the immune system more effective. Drinking water a lot is a way to help prostate fluid circulate well.
4. At last but not the least, we would like to warn you that prostatitis can be absolutely prevented if you just do not hold back urine and do not refrain your sex life completely.