Is painful ejaculation a symptom of prostatitis?

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Is painful ejaculation a symptom of prostatitis? Back from a business trip, Mr Knight was enjoyed in sex life with her wife. However, a week later, he had found discomfort clearly. During intercourse, he felt sharp pain in perineum area so he had to break off. As a result, he got psychology of fear caused by the unpleasant issue. Suspecting if he had have some disease, he went to the hospital. After being checked carefully, he was told that he had prostatitis.    

Then Mr. Knight narrated his condition. After analyzing the suffer's story, Dr.Lee pointed out that it is normal that long-term separated couples would have frequent intercourses after they met, which would be sure to lead to gonad excessive work. In this case, ejaculation pain is an expected thing. Generally speaking, decreasing sex life and letting prostate have sufficient rest can solve this problem. But if the ejaculation was caused by prostate infection which is from excessive intercourse, things are different.    
Prostate is the accessory gland of male reproductive organ, which can secret a lot prostate fluid during sex life. Therefore, phenomenons such as congestion, swelling, muscle contraction are normal. In general situation, elimination of congestion and swelling needs 24 to 48 hours. In this period, if a man still has frequent intercourse, a large burden is added to the prostate indeed. Suffers will be tired with lower resistance and immunity. As a matter of fact, ejaculatory duct is closely connected with urethra, it is in a opening statue when the physiological activity is active. As we can imagine, if pathogens in urethra move upward to invade prostate and breed there, what is the result? Definitely, prostatitis can occur.
In fact, prostatitis can cause ejaculation pain, and this spastic pain usually occurs before the very moment of ejaculation and end with ejaculation. The pain varies with intense and period of sex, although the pain emerges from prostate, but discomfort and pain can radiate to urethra and balano.
Is Ejaculation Pain A Manifestation of Prostatitis? Clinically, if a man suffers from prostatitis or epididymitis, ejaculation is actually an ordinary manifestation. We'd like to help patients answer questions in these aspects and recommend applicable prostatitis treatment.