Why Is Orchitis Very Painful For Men?

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Sometimes, all male troubles stem from sex. The most important thing for men is internal genitalia, which plays a decisive role in sexual life and human reproduction. The testicle is formed inside the embryo first, and gradually begins to move down during embryo development until it reaches its final position.

When men enter middle age, the function of the testis will decline. If there is no special maintenance, it can lead to various symptoms, orchitis is the most common one. Therefore, men must take good care of testicles.
Orchitis is very painful for men.
The testicle is the most important sexual organ of a man. It makes sperm and secretes androgen. It is the fundamental reason why a man is a male. Orchitis, as one of the common diseases in men, is caused by the direct spread of epididymitis to the testis or is caused by bacterial infection directly.
Orchitis is a serious disease that can be easy to induce a variety of serious diseases, such as varicocele disease, prostatitis, endocrine diseases, nephritis, kidney diseases, urinary tract infection, malignant tumors, and so on, seriously threatening patients' health.
Due to the presence of bacteria and viruses, the sperm's growth surrounding is at great risk. If left unsolved for too long, the sperm will be hurt and damaged, leading to poor and reduced sperm group. When the sperm quality and quantity go down to a certain degree, it will lead to male infertility in the end.
If you are unable to get your wife conceived, more family problems may come to your head, making you anxious and depressed. So as for male friends, the orchitis left uncured can be a painful result. Therefore, all males hope they can get cured completely and quickly. What can they do?

When the disease is in the acute phase, you can take antibiotics to get a basic cure. Don't rely on these chemical medicine too much at any rate since long-term using of them can lead to adverse reactions and drug resistance. But as you know, to a chronic disease, a long-term using of medicine can not be avoided if you want to get treated in full.
So, in this case, another line of thought is the traditional Chinese medicine, in which the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a great representative.
The herbal medicine is a great option for patients with chronic orchitis. After taking the medicine for a certain period, the therapeutic effect can come into force overtly. Don’t worry the result since for every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward. Keep on the treatment and maintain good daily habits, you can get rid of the disease eventually.

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