How Does Orchitis Cause Infertility? Two Aspects Matter

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Generally speaking, the testis is an important source of sperm production, if the testis features lesions, it will lead to male infertility. So don't neglect the treatment when orchitis occurs.
How does orchitis cause infertility?

1. Orchitis cuts off the supply of sperm.
If the testis is infected unfortunately pathogenic microorganism, which can result in lumen congestion oedema, so that the ability that its raise spermatozoa reduces naturally, even being in slow motion.
It secretes a variety of nutrients for sperm that will be significantly reduced, so that the ability to produce sperm in the testis will be significantly reduced, resulting in a significantly higher rate of immobile or dead sperm in the ejaculated semen. Even motile sperm have reduced mobility, leading to asthenospermia, or dead sperm.
2. Orchitis reduces sperm motility.
Pathogens that cause orchitis can directly damage sperm in the epididymal duct, inhibiting sperm motility or agglutinating them to reduce their motility. Some pathogens are adsorbed on the sperm surface, so that its activity is reduced or even lost. The toxin produced by the pathogen will also kill the fragile sperm, which greatly increases its mortality.
At the same time, white blood cells, macrophages and other body guards in the elimination process of pathogens may also be either good or bad, thus accidentally injuring or killing sperm. The inflammatory response produces a lot of metabolites, which can also poison sperm, or change the living environment of sperm, so that sperm motility becomes declined.
Commonly, men with orchitis suffer from painful symptoms like testicular pain, swelling, nausea, vomiting and so on. If not treated in time, it will lead to chronic orchitis that can be very refractory to patients.
If this is the problem you are suffering from, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can help you get out. The pill is on equal terms with chemical medicine while it does not lead to any side effects. When it comes to chronic orchitis, the herbal medicine do a great job in assisting you in wipe out all kinds of bacteria and viruses.
During the treatment, there are also some details that you should not sneeze at. Pay attention to your eating habits. Poor eating habits are the major cause of the disease. Male friends should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, increase vitamin C and other components intake, in order to improve the body anti-inflammatory ability.
Also, male friends should not eat spicy stimulating food, do not smoke and drink, do not stand for a long time, do not have excessive sex, and do not frequently masturbate and so on. You should peg away at maintaining good habits and stick to the treatment, which is responsible for your health.

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