The Cause Of Orchitis Is Not Just About Infection

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Orchitis is a common disease in andrology, with an incidence of 12% to 18%. Clinically, it mainly divides into acute purulent orchitis and parotitis orchitis, among which the acute purulent orchitis is the most common one.
The main performance of acute purulent orchitis is more urgent, accompanied by fever and cold, one side or bilateral testis swelling pain. The main manifestations of parotitis orchitis are testicular swelling and pain, which are usually secondary to mumps.

There are many causes of orchitis. Literally, since it belongs to inflammation, its causes usually relate to infection or something akin to it. Actually, trauma and tumour may also be related to the breakout of orchitis.
When the patient complains his current symptoms, because the type of orchitis is different, the pain caused by it can vary, usually including swelling pain, falling pain, the pain akin to the feeling you have when you are cutting by a knife. The degree of pain can be dull, sharp, and so on.
In addition to pain caused by lesions in the testis itself, the testicular pain can often be caused by epididymis, spermatic cord lesions and inflammation within the scrotum, according to the doctors' point of view.
When playing soccer ball, if the ball hits a key part of a man's testicles, the hard blow will cause severe pain in the testicles, which can lead to shock in serious cases.
A lot of men think minor injuries are not big problems, and they just need to tolerate them and get over it. But in reality these untreated injuries can affect internal organs and easily lead to infection and inflammation.
Don't pretend to be strong for the sake of the prestige, and don't deliberately pretend to be strongly enough to refuse treatment. A man's strength is not proved by hurting himself. You need to cherish your body.
Besides, other lesions such as in the bladder and prostate may radiate into the scrotum and testes, causing pain in men.

Therefore, the determination of the etiology of testicular pain has a requirement of a doctor with rich clinical experience and discreet identification ability, so as to find the key to the disease.
Men should not ignore their own puzzling testicular pain, because it is very likely to be the sign of orchitis. Commonly, orchitis can be cured, as long as the discovery of the disease is not delayed, and you receive an effective treatment.
Usually, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to solve the orchitis. It is able to effectively eliminate inflammation, relieve pain, promote blood circulation and improve body immunity. And it doesn't cause any side effects or adverse reactions. It can be said that this is a very helpful and safe medication for men.

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