Is it true that prostatitis is horrible and incurable?

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Whether chronic prostatitis can be cure or not is a question that chronic prostatitis patients care about very much. From medical standard, chronic is considered as a curable disease. If subjective symptoms are disappearing or disappeared, it proves suffers are about to recover.

Prostatitis has been an agony for more and more men. Some patients even avoid talking about it. In fact, prostatitis is not a disease which is filled with sexual dysfunction, male infertility, abstinence, prostate cancer. Is that true that prostatitis is so horrible?
Don't hide your sickness for fear of prostatitis treatment
Economic pressure, work stress are both criminals of prostatitis for young men. A sedentary worker is more likely to have prostatitis. Imagine that if we have to sit along the conference table for hours and even spare no time to to go to the toilet, what will our working status be? But unfortunately, after illness was found, some patients think it's a shame to see a doctor.  
Hiding sickness is an normal phenomenon. Usually, patients would like to buy themselves medicines or visit some informal medical agencies. Trace it to its cause, men are easily ignore minor palm, they save face, fear of rejection and out of power. They are apt to deny, conceal or cheat themselves, more serious, young people know how to surf the net. Some suffer even diagnose and prescribe themselves.
Chronic prostatitis is curable
One of the reasons why we think proatatitis is a disease that can't be got rid of lightly is that it is a disease with easy recurrence. However, recurrence is often related to some bad daily habits. For instance, if a person caught a cold, but who can't receive correct and promptly treatment, superadded huge pressure, he can not be soon cured.
Dr,Lee reminded prostatitis patients to hold a positive view of this disease. Prostaitis is not a stubborn disease as some people say. Traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is developed by Dr.Lee is exactly applied to treat prostatitis. In addition, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is able to cure complications of prostatitis such as seminal vesiculitis, infertility, epididymitis, cystitis, etc.