What examinations should be taken to diagnose prostatitis?

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 If you doubt you have had prostatitis, you need to do further check to confirm. The following are some test methods:

Chronic prostatitis should have ultrasonography: In parts of chronic prostatitis patients, some certain features can appear. because of local exudation, fibrosis and adhesions, envelope reflection is not glossy. In extreme cases, there will be indistinct envelope borders.  
Chronic prostatitis patients should have immunoassay: it is said that in the specific antigen O agglutination test, about 82 percent of chronic escherichia coli prostatitis patients can be found that their E. coli antibodies of serum increase. However, in escherichia coli urethritis patients and healthy people, ecoli antibodies are fewer.   
Chronic prostatitis patients ought to have digital rectal examination: digital rectal examination is the routine test of prostatitis. When doing finger examination, doctor can find differ-sized prostate, irregular surface, hardened gland or tenderness.  
Chronic prostatitis patients must have prostate fluid test: We ought to know that a negative result can not surly rule out prostatitis, while positive result can generally make diagnosis of this disease.  
Giemsa staining can also be beneficial to diagnose and treat chronic prostatitis. The negative result means the patient has chronic bacterial prostatitis. 
Needle biopsy of prostate turns the beam in making diagnosis of chronic prostatitis. Whereas, it means little to differentiate bacterial or nonbacterial prodtatitis. Because generic method can make it. So, this approach is seldom used.   
Warning: Chronic prostatitis treatment of traditional Chinese medical science is not an isolate issue connecting with some kind of prescription. Materials such as safflower, red peony root and peach kernel which are unique in traditional Chinese medicine are able to promote blood circulation and improve local blood in prostate and the condition of congestion. Also, houttuynia and plantago which can clear away heat and toxic materials and induce diuresis for treating strangurtia are able to help improve the condition of frequent urine, urinary urgency and odynuria. Pure traditional Chinese medicine is really a right a choice for chronic prostatitis patients.