Acute prostatitis complications and Chronic prostatitis complications

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Acute prostatitis complications


1. Acute uroschesis: As a matter of fact, acute prostatitis can lead to local congestion, swelling, urethral pressure, which can all cause dysuria or acute uroschesis.   

2. Acute seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis or deferentitis: acute inflammation can easily spread to spermatophore, then cause acute seminal vesiculitis. Besides, bacteria can enter wall or exotheca of the vas deferens through lymphatic duct, which can give rise to epididymitis.  
3. Spermatic lymph nodes or tenderness: Prostate meets testicular lymphoma in os pelvicum. Therefore, acute prostatitis can affect varicosity, which causes spermatic lymph nodes or tenderness. 
4. Sexual dysfunction: During acute inflammation period, prostate congestion, swelling or small abscess can appear. In addition, ejaculation pain, painful erection, loss of libido, sexual pain, hematospermia, impotence can also be found as the common sexual dysfunction symptoms. 
Others. In more serious cases, acute prostatitis can bring about groin pain, renal colic. 
Chronic prostatitis complications: 
1. Chronic seminal vesiculitis: Chronic seminal vesiculitis is a common complication of chronic prostatitis. In the chronic course of disease, seminal vesiculitis coexist and interact with chronic prostatitis. With time passes by, chronic prostatitis and chronic seminal vesiculitis can obviously have influence on male sexual function. 
2. Impotence: Impotence is also one of the common complications of chronic prostatitis. 
3. Infertility: In infertility patients, chronic prostatitis is an important factor. 
4. Posterior urethritis: Chronic prostatitis can easily cause posterior urethritis, especially prostatitis which is caused by urinary system infections, In stranguria, urinary irritation symptoms occur as early symptoms of chronic prostatitis.
5. Epididymitis: Prostatitis can coexist with seminal vesiculitis. Both inflammations can invade epididymis and then induce chronic epididymitis. 
6. Various cystitis: When chronic inflammation in prostate spread to bladder, apparent urinary tract irritation symptoms occur. 
7. Bladder neck sclerosis: Bladder neck sclerosis happens very rarely actually.   
8. Allergic diseases: Chronic lesions hide in patients' body and transform to be pathogens, which can lead to all kinds of allergic diseases. For instance, arthritis, myositis, iritis, neuritis, etc.