Is there any medicine that can cure prostatitis?

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The causes of prostatitis are various. Some are caused by bacterial infection; some are caused by bad habits. Many diseases are difficult to treat, prostaitis is an example. Especially for chronic prostatitis patients, recurrent frequent urine, urinary urgency and pain in perineum are symptoms which trouble them greatly. So, what are prostatitis causes? Is there any medicine that can cure prostatitis?

The specific structure of prostate makes medicine difficult to reach the infected part. As a matter of fact, on the surface of prostate, there is a layer of capsula, in which plenty of elastic fibers and smooth muscle are distributed. Besides, these constituents can enter prostate and form the bracket of prostate. This layer of capsula is tough, so medicines can not easily penetrate through it. This is also a reason why many medications can not effectively treat prostatitis and why prostatitis recur sometimes.
Prostatitis is not an isolate organ. It locates under the bladder, seminal vesicle and vas deferens ampulla; infront of the rectum, in the center of urethra and ejaculatory duct. Pathological changes of those organs interact with prostate diseases. Prostatitis is usually an ascending infection. Bacteria can spread to invade spermatophore and parorchis. Antibiotic treatment can not guarantee to mantain a constant concentration. Even though seminal vesiculitis and epididymal infections are cured, prostatitis can easily arouse them again. 
In addition, some patients do not pay attention to daily habits, which is the exact cause of recurrent infections. Personal hygiene, sexual life, phimosis are factors which can affect incidence of prostatitis. Furthermore, frequent intercourse, masturbation, drink, sedentariness are inducements of prostate congestion, which can lead to obstinate prostatitis. 
Traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can clear away heat and toxic materials, promote blood circulation and induce diuresis for treating strangurtia. Prescriptions which can promote blood circulation can improve blood circulation of prostate and helps medicine to infiltrate prostate gland. With the function of clearing heat and toxic materials, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can kill all kinds of pathogens, and cure prostatitis fundamentally.