What are the early symptoms of prostatitis?

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What are the early symptoms of prostatitis?

As is known, prostatitis is a common male disease. It not only can affect men’s health, but also can affect couple’s sexual lives, so prostatitis should be treated timely. The cure key of this disease is timely treatment. But timely treatment needs timely diagnosis, so symptoms should be known by men.

Discharge on the opening of urethra
This symptom that the opening of urethra is covered by sticky discharge is an typical early symptom of prostatitis. This symptom should be valued by men.
Threading pain
At the early stage, many prostatitis men can experience different level pain which can spread to low abdomen, groin, thigh and even waist.
UTI symptoms
Prostatitis commonly is diagnosed when men take UTI tests, therefore, prostatitis men also can experience frequent urination, urgent urination, painful urination and difficult urination. Once men have had those symptoms, time diagnosis is necessary in case lost the best treatment time.
Local pain
Prostatitis men also can experience dull pain on anus and perineum which can be aggravated after a long time sitting or squatting.
Now, we all know the early symptoms of prostatitis, so the next step is treating. Herbal formula named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cure prostatitis within three months. Although herbal formula works slowly, it has no relapse. This pill also has no drug resistance and no side-effect.

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