The cause of acute prostatitis and the cause of chronic prostatitis

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The cause of acute prostatitis

Acute prostatitis caused by bacteria in acute violations of prostate, manifested as fever, chills, burning sensation in the urethra, perineal pain and discomfort, frequent urination, urgency and dysuria phenomenon. Sometimes the prostate will significantly increase, even urination will also be affected. 

Acute prostatitis, because of fever and other symptoms, as well as perineal pain and discomfort and swelling, causing urination, sexual function would be inhibited, also temporary low libido or temporary impotence (erectile dysfunction). This is normal performance, the natural reaction is self-protection.
The cause of chronic prostatitis
Chronic prostatitis are generally divided into two kinds: one is caused by bacteria, a so-called non-bacterial, may, with the addition of certain pathogens, such as mycoplasma, chlamydia, may also be improper intercourse, chills, local poor circulation or over-indulge in sexual problems. Regardless of what type of chronic prostatitis can be expressed as micturition dribbling, poor urinary end of the turbid liquid outflow from the urethra (commonly known as the drops of white), perineal soreness phenomenon seriously when there will be frequent urination, urgency and perineum dull ache. Some patients, impotence, premature ejaculation and other sexual function symptoms.
Chronic prostatitis, the majority of patients are not affected. But the disease is often accompanied by the neurasthenia performance. Therefore, many patients with the spirit of psychologically very anxious, for fear got the disease affect sexual function, so instead of really cause sexual dysfunction. However, there are some patients with chronic prostatitis, there will be a phenomenon of sexual dysfunction, impotence, premature ejaculation, painful ejaculation, frequent nocturnal emission, even Hematospermia.
Furthermore, a number of chronic prostatitis, and its cause is because of sexual misconduct or over-indulge in sexual problem caused, including long-term masturbation, sexually active, onanism, or ideological focusing too much on the frequent occurrence of sexual issues, sexual arousal, causing prostate repeated excessive congestion sake.