What are the complications caused by acute prostatitis?

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There are two types of prostatitis. One is acute prostatitis and the other is chronic prostatitis. Chronic prostatitis commonly develops from improper treatment of acute prostatitis. Thus timely and proper treatment for acute prostatitis is important. Here are the complications of acute prostatitis:

First, affect men's work and live
Damages caused by acute prostatitis are large. If men have prostatitis, they can experience frequent urination, urgent urination and other bladder infection system. Those symptoms can bring troubles to men’s lives. If you want to know more about prostatitis, please view this article: how to cure acute prostatitis?
Second, affect sexual function
If men are affected by acute prostatitis, pain during sex can cause impotence, premature ejaculation, declined sexual desire and even sexual dysfunction when it lasts for a long time.
Third, Male psychasthenia
If men have acute prostatitis, due to the inflammation, men also can experience dreaminess, hypomnesis and other psychasthenia symptoms.
The treatment of acute prostatitis:
Antibiotic is the most common treatment for acute prostatitis. Commonly acute prostatitis can be cured by antibiotic within weeks. Although antibiotic has many weaknesses, such short treatment with antibiotic cannot bring harms to human. If the acute prostatitis develops into chronic prostatitis, antibiotic isn’t suitable anymore. Chronicprostatitis is better to be cure by herbal medicine. Herbal medicine has no side-effect and no drug resistance, thus it is suitable for long time taking.