Prostate Surgery: the right time and side effects

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As we all know that the prostate surgery is used for effective treatment of BPH or prostate cancer. However, there are still many patients who experience certain side effects after a prostate surgery.

Before the side effects of a prostate surgery are discussed, we need to know exactly when a person should decide to have a prostate surgery.
The right time for patients to do prostate surgery
It might be difficult to decide whether to undergo prostate surgery or not, but you’d better follow your doctor's guidelines. As they are aging, more and more men have suffered from prostate problems. However, the concepts of enlarged prostate and prostate cancer are different, and doctors usually do suggest the removal of prostate cancer by surgeries. 
In the case of side effects of a prostate surgery, drug therapies and non-surgical options are available for treating enlarged prostate. For example, the Chinese herbal medicine-Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill has the remarkable effect on enlarged prostate. Due to pure natural herbal ingredients, patients can get a cure without any side effect.
All in all, it is important for patients to take the right decision about having a prostate surgery after considering all the aspects of the case which involve general health of them. 
Side Effects
According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, a prostate surgery is most likely to cause infertility. The reasons of infertility include the removal of the seminal vesicles and also the removal of the prostate. A lot of trauma might be experienced by many people undergoing the surgery, which may be one of the reason for the infertility.
Erectile Dysfunction
many patients who experienced a prostate surgery have the problem of erectile dysfunction, because the nerves which are present near the prostate get removed during the surgery. 
Pain and bleeding
it is very common for patients to suffer from pain and bleeding after a prostate surgery. Generally, the symptoms of pain and bleeding disappear after a few weeks or in a few months. But treatments may be required if the pain and bleeding does not stop.
Urinary Dysfunction
Urinary dysfunction is another side effect of a prostate surgery. It is basically caused by the pain when urinating. This side effect is common for patients who did undergo prostate surgery.
Bowel Dysfunction
during a prostate surgery, it is probable to cause the damage of rectum, which can lead to bowel dysfunction. 
Premature and Retrograde Ejaculation
Premature ejaculation means the release of the semen before a man climaxes, which is also a side effect. And retrograde ejaculation means that the semen enters the bladder wrongly and finally mixes with the urine. It is also considered as one of side effects in the prostate surgery.
Warm tips: in order to maintain the good and sound health, it is important for people to keep a positive attitude and maintain a good lifestyle.