Treatment for Herpes Prostatitis

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Many prostatitis patients may find that the antibiotic is not effective enough even though they have taken it for a very long time, but after they replace it with antiviral drugs, their condition improved a lot and the symptoms disappeared very quickly. This shows that some kind of virus may be the chief culprit of Prostatitis. The result of clinical practices is exactly identical with that. According to some experts, herpes, usually divided into two sorts, HSV-1and HSV-2, can cause Prostatitis, and those who have already been caught by herpes progenitalis are very easy to be captured by it. 

HSV-2 is the main resource of herpes progenitalis and accounts for about 90%. It exists in semen, discharge of cervix, prostate and vagina and spreads through sex. When the herpes progenitalis is gone, there are still some herpes remaining in our body. When our immunity goes weak or when we have a cold, be frightened, it will be triggered again and another attack starts. The treatment of herpes Prostatitis at present is mainly medication. Patients can take some medicines like diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, also known as diuresis antibiotic pill, to remove the inflammatory part because the herbs in the pill can work directly on the lesion. Besides, it can clear up heat and toxins effectively. Usually, after three months, the condition will be improved a lot and patients will feel much better. But this is not enough to cure the Herpes Prostatitis.
We still need antiviral drugs to clear up the herpes completely and to consolidate. Doctors usually prescribe Ftibamzone ointment, cytosine arabinoside and other antiviral drugs to their patients. And sometimes, they also suggest their patients to take some antibiotics to prevent other inflammation. It won’t take too much time to cure it completely.
In a word, if there is any sign of herpes Prostatitis, we should go to the hospital and do detailed exams as soon as possible. While receiving  antiviral drugs and diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, keeping a good mood and being optimistic will also do some help.