How Does Diuretics Pill Help Men to Remove the Harm of Prostatitis

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What harm can prostatitis bring about to men? It not only causes male urinary problems, but also sexuality decrease, which is called impotence and premature ejaculation. Let's see what specific harm prostatitis can do to men. Can Diuretics Pill (Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill) really help men eliminate these hazards?

The harm of prostatitis:

1. Urinary frequency and urgency: Acute prostatitis causes urinary tract irritation symptoms in male patients, i.e. frequent urgency of urination and other phenomena. Long-term frequent urination is also prone to cause male urethral orifice discomfort.

2. Decreased sexuality: For example, impotence and premature ejaculation. Prostatitis patients are more or less accompanied by  pain involving prostate, and perineum, and the
subsequent discomfort in the lower back, thigns, etc., later it will lead to the aggravation of this discomfort and ultimately directly affect the sexual life, gradually produce a sense of disgust to sex, eventually impotence, premature ejaculation and so on.

4. Chronic prostatitis affects fertility: Prostate secretion is an important component of sperm. If the prostate is inflamed for a long time, it will affect the secretory function of the prostate, and then change the composition of the prostatic fluid, affect the liquefaction time of semen, and decrease the sperm vitality which eventually resulting in male infertility.

5. Endocrine disorders: Under normal circumstances, the prostate can secrete a variety of active substances. But if there's an inflammation on the prostate, the secretion can become abnormal, and gradually develop neurasthenia. Men could also suffer from insomnia, dizziness, fatigue, mental retardation, memory loss and other symptoms.

6. Can induce prostate cancer: There is a kind of anticancer substance in normal prostatic fluid, which is important to suppress cancer, however the prostate diseases will lead to the decrease of this anticancer substance, so it is easy to induce cancer.

7. Increase the risk of nephritis and uremia: If long-term prostatitis is not treated effectively, it can lead to BPH resulting from residual urine. Residual urine is a good medium for bacterial reproduction. Therefore, it is easy to cause male urinary tract infections, such as pyelonephritis. And incomplete treatment of nephritis can result in uremia.

For men suffering from chronic prostatitis, TCM formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill (Diuretics Pill) can be a good choice for treatment. For the symptoms of frequent urination accompanied by uinary urgencies, the natural herbal ingredients can clear away heat and detoxify, induce diuresis and treat stranguria.

For men, the pain and discomfort of prostatic region can be relieved by the efficacy of blood circulation activation and blood stasis removal, for the herbs included are capable of allevating the pain of prostate and perineum caused by inflammation, and stagnation. The effects of detumescence can restore the smooth blood flow of the lesion and maintain the basic nutrient delivery.

That is how prostate inflammation is coordinated by Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Prostate symptoms are improved and inflammation is eliminated. Of course, the harm to male reproductive health caused by prostatitis will be relieved accordingly.