Why Is There White Discharge from The Penis?

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Normally, the penis will secrete some transparent liquid. However, when there is a disease, the discharge secreted by our penis will be abnormal. Therefore, we can judge the health condition of our body from the discharge from the penis. When there is white discharge, what may happen to our body? Here is a detailed description of various causes as follows.

1. Smegma
Smegma refers to hidden dirt in the prepuce, when the penis is not in an erectile state, our prepuce is folded and atrophied, so it can hide a lot of dirt. The common cause of smegma is the excessive length of the prepuce. 
Therefore, if we want to treat the smegma, we can use circumcision and other methods. Unclean prepuce can lead to white discharge from the penis, at the same time, this discharge will give off a more unpleasant smell, so when we have the above symptoms, we should pay attention to whether there is smegma.
2. Balanitis 
when our foreskin and glans are infected, we may also have white discharge from the penis. Balanitis is a common urinary infection disease in men, the patient often has itchy and knotty glans. In the later stage, there will be ulceration and other symptoms. There is a white purulent liquid flowing out of the urethral orifice, which is usually caused by a bacterial infection. 
Balanitis has a great relationship with the patient's personal hygiene. Therefore, in peacetime, we should pay attention to the hygiene and dryness of our penis and scrotum. Tight and airtight underwear should be avoided, and we should clean our reproductive organs every day. When there is white discharge, we should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. In order to avoid causing a wider range of infections.

3. Prostatitis 
Patients may also found a small amount of white liquid is frequently released from the urethral orifice after urinating or having a bowel movement due to prostate hyperemia and swelling in the morning. It is called prostatic discharge, also known as drips after urinating. 
Before and after having a bowel movement, a small amount of viscous milky-white secretion from the urethral orifice, mostly prostatic fluid, maybe mixed with secretion from the bulbar gland of the urethra. This is because the prostatic and urethral bulbar glands are located at the bottom of the pelvis. When the muscles involved in the defecation contract, they will compress the two glands, thus excreting a small amount of discharge.
4. Urethritis
Frequent urination, urodynia, urgent urination, and hematuria are the typical symptoms of urethritis. In the acute stage, people can have urethral discharge, initially, it is mucous, then there will be a lot of purulent secretion. When it turned to chronic type, people often have urethral prickling and discomfort, reduced urethral discharge, is shown as thin serous. Patients even have suprapubic and perineal dull pain, redness of the urethral orifice.
If the white discharge is caused by the urinary system infection, patients must be treated in time, otherwise, it will cause other parts of the disease. Generally, prostatitis and urethritis can be treated with antibiotics, the sensitive antibiotics are selected according to the drug sensitivity test. 

However, if the symptoms have not alleviated after a week, it is necessary to consider changing the medication. If the condition is more serious, you can also choose surgical treatment, and anti-inflammation is necessary after surgery. For patients who the antibiotics treatment is ineffective or have a recurrence after the operation, it is recommended to take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which is a conservative natural medicine. 
The natural herbs in the formula will not produce side effects and can play an important role in clearing away heat and toxic material, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, promoting diuresis and relieving stranguria, effectively inhibit the aggravation of the focus and prevent a recurrence. In addition, patients should pay more attention to the hygiene of reproductive organs and develop good living habits. Best wishes for your recovery!