Cloudy Urine? Be Careful to These Diseases

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Normally, people’s urine is light yellow and transparent. With the increase or decrease of urine volume, the color of urine can change. After sweating or drinking, the urine will become temporarily thicker, but when the urine is cloudy, it may be a pathological manifestation.
1. Overflow of prostate fluid
Because a certain amount of prostatic fluid can be excreted with urine when normal, it is difficult to find with the naked eye. If you are young, the body's androgen level is high, and the secretion of prostatic fluid will be more. 

2. Prostatitis
Frequent congestion of the prostate can dilate the glandular duct. Passive contraction of the smooth muscle of the prostate during urination can easily cause the overflow of the prostatic fluid, While urinating, due to the passive contraction of prostatic smooth muscle, it is easy to cause the overflow of prostatic fluid. 
And this situation is more common at night, the penis is continuously passive erection, so the prostate gland will be stimulated and secretion becomes more, resulting in drips after urinating in the morning. Sometimes, the prostate is squeezed when taking a bowel movement, and cloudy urine can also occur. In order to differentiate from physiological prostatic fluid overflow, routine examination and B-ultrasound must be carried out.
3.Salt crystallization
Taking excessive exercise, or eating meat and vegetables will cause oxalate and other metabolic excess, resulting in salt crystal urine accumulated in the bladder. Then it will lead to cloudy urine, and this situation is more common. At this time, microscopic examination of urine can find a large number of salt crystals in the urine.  If we add some hydrochloric acid, the urine will change from cloudy to transparent.

4. Acute urethritis
The symptoms of the patient are increased urethral secretions, whch is initially mucus and gradually causes cloudy urine, making the urethral secretions into purulent.
5. Chyluria
The disease is relatively rare. It is caused by filariasis. A large amount of lymph enters the urine, leading to white turbid urine. The diagnosis can be confirmed by the qualitative analysis of chyle in urine.
Once men have long-term cloudy urine, it may be caused by the above-mentioned diseases. It is suggested that you should go to the hospital as soon as possible for examination and treatment, and choose the appropriate treatment according to different causes.
If it is caused by prostatitis, the treatment methods mainly include drug treatment, surgical treatment and physiotherapy. Surgical methods are generally only suitable for patients with very serious conditions. It often causes great harm and take a long time to recover after operation. Besides, it can not guarantee that the condition will not be repeated, which will increase the economic burden of patients. 

Therefore, patients can choose the natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, diuretic effects for conservative treatment. It can effectively eliminate inflammation, and will not cause any side effects and drug resistance to the human body, which is a good choice for the treatment of prostatitis.

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