Why Is Chinese Herbal Medicine a Great Choice for Chronic Prostatitis?

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Compared with antibiotics, first of all, Chinese herbal medicine does not have side effects and it is not easy to produce drug resistance. TCM doctors pay great attention to recuperation. At the same time, the patient's body can be well recuperated through diet, exercise, and other auxiliary treatment, so as to achieve the purpose of a thorough cure.

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine has the same medical concept as a modern medical and health care concept. It has the advantages of holistic concept, syndrome differentiation and treatment, which is mainly reflected in the ability to regulate human immunity in an all-round way and provide a powerful means of maintenance for people's health.
Each kind of disease has its own characteristics, which is precisely grasped by TCM, and targeted treatment and dialectical treatment is carried out to achieve a remarkable effect.
Taking prostatitis as an example, more than 90% of chronic prostatitis is non-bacterial, and bacterial prostatitis only accounts for 5% - 10% of all the cases. Most of the non-bacterial prostatitis is mainly caused by the poor excretion of prostatic fluid, the abnormal secretion of the prostate and the backflow of urine.
Therefore, for prostatitis caused by this reason, as long as the prostatic fluid is unobstructed and blood stasis is eliminated, the patient's pain and inflammation can also be relieved, and traditional Chinese medicine has done a good job in this respect:

Advantage 1: Treating both symptoms and causes
Traditional Chinese medicine(TCM)treats the cause of the disease, so the patients cured by herbal rarely have repeated conditions. During the treatment, it can not only resist infection and eliminate the virus, but also improve physical fitness. In other words, herbal medicine can not only play a role in the pathogenesis but also improve immunity.
Advantage 2: Significant effect
Herbal medicine has a better nursing and treatment effect on the congestion, siltation and discretion of the prostate. After one course, generally, patients can obviously feel the improvement of the body, including the normal urination, the restoration of normal color of tongue coating, better sleep, milder pain and so on.
Advantage 3: Dialectical treatment
TCM treats diseases and carry out comprehensive treatment based on the symptoms of the patients. Normally, physical fitness can be improved while the condition is cured. It can not only treat prostatitis but also eliminate some symptoms, micturition and insomnia, etc.

In addition, it can also improve the quality of sperm, secretion function of the prostate, and improve the fertility of patients. Therefore, herbal medicine has a great curative effect for prostatitis with sexual dysfunction, ejaculatory pain.

Advantage 4: No side effects
Herbal medicine is extracted from natural herbs, animals, and minerals without adding chemical components, so it has little side effects on the human body. That's why the safety of herbal medicine is much higher than antibiotics alone.
The use of antibiotics alone will produce great side effects, and long-term use will produce drug resistance. After treatment, the condition is usually recurrent, aggravating the psychological burden of patients, and adverse to the recovery of the disease.
Advantage 5: Combination of internal and external treatment
Traditional Chinese medicine treatment is generally combined with internal and external methods, which is called all-round treatment. For some patients with mental symptoms and pain, local external application, warm sitz bath, herbal sitz bath and acupuncture can be used if necessary.
The central link of TCM treatment of chronic prostatitis is to promote blood circulation, detoxify and invigorate the kidney. Through syndrome differentiation and treatment, chronic prostatitis can be cured.

After more than 20 years of clinical practice, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill invented by Dr. Lee Xiaoping in Wuhan is one of the representatives in the herbal medicines for prostatitis.
It not only has a strong bactericidal effect, can effectively kill all kinds of pathogens, eliminate inflammation, but also has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation and Qi to relieve pain, diuresis, anti calcification, anti-fibrosis, detumescence and clearing glands.
Therefore, it can not only play a targeted treatment effect on chronic prostatitis but also help patients balance Qi and blood, improve immunity, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating diseases, removing the causes and preventing disease recurrence. It can be a great choice for patients.

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