Chinese Herbal Medicine Honeysuckle Is Good for Chronic Prostatitis

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Honeysuckle is a common Chinese herbal medicine. Many men who have lived in the countryside have seen honeysuckle. Honeysuckle is sweet in taste and cold in nature. Through modern experimental research, honeysuckle has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect on prostatitis.

The concept of chronic prostatitis is similar to that of turbid semen and stranguria induced by overstraining in traditional Chinese medicine(TCM). Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the main cause of semen turbidity includes unclean sexual life, damp heat left in the seminal chamber.
Honeysuckle has a good antibacterial, antiviral, regulating the body's immune function. Honeysuckle has a certain inhibitory effect on bacteria. Chronic prostatitis is induced by a bacterial infection, due to the ability of anti-infection and anti-bacteria, honeysuckle has a good effect on the prevention of prostatitis reinfection.
The anti-inflammatory effect of honeysuckle can also alleviate the reaction symptoms of prostatitis and reduce the congestion of prostateAfter the effective ingredients of honeysuckle arrives at the body, and it can effectively promote and activate the adrenocortical hormone, which can inhibit various inflammation and swelling.
You can cook the honeysuckle with boiled water, chrysanthemum, Platycodon and licorice for 10 minutes, cool it and serve as tea. However, because honeysuckle is cold in nature, taking too much can easily lead to gastrointestinal maladjustment in the body. So for patients with prostatitis, how can they effectively get rid of this disease?

In fact, due to the special anatomic structure of prostate, drug resistance and other side effects of modern medicine, in order to effectively treat this disease, the best choice for patients is traditional Chinese herbal medicine, which is safe and effective without side effects. Among them, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a cure for it.
Because of its complete formula and complete efficacy, not only the use of detoxification drugs in the formula has fully achieved the effect of broad-spectrum antibiotics, but also has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation and Qi to relieve pain, promoting diuresis and relieving gonorrhea.
Consequently, it can effectively treat the disease, and this Chinese herbal medicine can help patients heal the damaged tissue of the whole body while treating prostatitis and finally achieve the goal of curing disease, reducing symptoms and preventing a recurrence.
In addition to treatment, how can men protect the prostate in daily life?

1. No frequent sex
Keep your sexual life regular, do not masturbate frequently, and pay attention to develop good personal hygiene in order to prevent the occurrence of prostate hyperemia and genital infection.
2. Drink more water and avoid holding urine
Drink more water and do not hold urine to keep the urinary tract unobstructed, which is conducive to the discharge of prostate discharge.
3. Pay attention to perineum temperature
Men should pay attention to the temperature regulation of the perineum within a moderate temperature. Don't sit or squat on the cold ground, because the cold can make sympathetic nerve excited and increase the internal pressure of urethra, which will cause countercurrent and aggravate the condition of prostatitis.

Sum up, though honeysuckle has a good curative on prostatitis, patients should not take it for a long time cause it may not be conducive to your stomach, herbal medicine can be a good choice for your condition, hope you recover as soon as possible!

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