Does Salvia Miltiorrhiza Work for Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome?

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Salvia miltiorrhiza is a common Chinese herb in China, and the main medicinal parts of Salvia miltiorrhiza is the dry rhizome. Salvia miltiorrhiza has been used for a long time in our country, and it is very helpful to the human body. It is often used to extract the effective ingredients to make related drugs for disease treatment.
The immunoregulatory effect of Salvia miltiorrhiza has been confirmed in clinical research. There are a lot of nutrients in Salvia miltiorrhiza, such as vitamins, tanshinone, protocatechuic acid and so on. These substances can effectively improve the body's immunity, so they can help the body to resist tcavenging free radicals, and reduce the degeneration and destruction of cells, tissues he invasion of foreign pathogens.
Modern medical research has proved that Salvia miltiorrhiza can effectively improve the activity of superoxide dismutase, enhance the ability of sand organs.
After entering the body, Salvia miltiorrhiza can effectively expand the coronary artery, so that the flow in the coronary artery will greatly increase, can effectively expand the size of the surrounding blood vessels, improve the blood circulation in the body, shorten the recovery time of hemoglobin and red blood cells, effectively promote the repair of tissues, reduce local congestion and pain.
The phenomenon of lack of potassium will produce certain damage on the human urinary system, circulatory system, nervous system, the study found that Salvia miltiorrhiza contains a large number of potassium elements, this ingredient can effectively improve the body's ability to withstand hypoxia, effectively improve the health condition of the body.

In the use of Salvia miltiorrhiza, although it can also be used alone, with other traditional Chinese medicine can achieve a better therapeutic effect. The toxicity of Salvia miltiorrhiza and its preparation is relatively small, but there are also reports of side effects in clinical application. Side effects caused by Salvia miltiorrhiza and its preparation mainly include allergy, headache, dizziness, palpitation, shortness of breath, dry mouth, abdominal distention, etc.
Therefore, herbal medicine may be a better choice, and it is also derived from nature like food, minerals, and plants. And herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill that has a good therapeutic effect on chronic pelvic pain syndrome is a great choice.
Not only that, compared with chemical drugs, this pill will not produce any side effects as it is made on the basis of ancient prescription through reasonable compatibility, so patients can be more assured when taking it. And the curative effect is significant, accurate, stable, and lasting.

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