Alert! The Secret Between Prostatitis And Infertility

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A 30-year-old man named Cook came to the hospital because he had not been using contraception but had not had a child for three years.
According to the doctor, Mr. Cook's sex life was normal, but there were scrotal moisture, accompanied by frequent urination, urgent urination, pain and other symptoms, and there was the diagnosis of bacterial prostatitis after the improvement of the relevant examination. The semen test showed no liquefaction, the total motility of sperm was 30%, and the malformation rate was 97%.

In the field of traditional Chinese medicine, prostatitis belongs to the scope of "white turbidity". At present, dampness-heat is the main syndrome of prostatitis in clinic. Prostatitis patients will experience chronic congestion and infection of the prostate, which will affect blood circulation. Besides, bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms will directly affect the quality of semen.
Prostatitis patients accompanied by pain in the scrotum, testis, and groin area, so that men suffer from great physical and mental torture! The main symptoms are as follows.
1. Semen is not liquefied or not completely liquefied.
The production and quality of semen liquefaction factors are affected by prostatitis, resulting in non-liquefaction or incomplete liquefaction of semen. Semen viscosity increases limited sperm motility, increasing the difficulty of combining with the egg through the cervix, and reduces sperm motility and penetration, thus reducing fertility.
2. Sperm morphology is abnormal.
Prostatitis can cause abnormal sperm morphology. In this case, the rate of sperm malformation and sperm fragmentation get increased, which will produce anti-sperm antibody and cause the male sperm motility and fertilization ability to decline.
3. The risk of embryo suspension get high.
Prostatitis results in poor sperm quality, where malformed sperm and egg combine to form a fertilized egg, resulting in embryo suspension due to poor embryo quality.

Accordingly, for the sake of male body health and male fertility, experts strongly suggest that prostatitis patients should improve daily diet habit, refuse smoking and abstain from alcohol, avoid acrimony and stimulating food, maintain adequate sleep, drink more water, avoid holding back urine, have moderate sexual life, and avoid sitting for a long time.
More importantly, when you are diagnosed with prostatitis, a timely treatment is always needed. Commonly, you can take specialized antibiotics to treat acute prostatitis, while if the disease has become a chronic problem, then herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill may be your best option at present. This is a natural formula that won’t lead to any side effects and help men well treat prostatitis and other urogenital diseases.
Due to the pill’s overt advantages over other treatment methods, it has been widely used in clinical practice and has been nicely accepted from home and abroad. So if needed, you can put in for the treatment and this herbal medicine will help you pull through. Wish you success.

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