Will Prostatitis Affect Others?

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Whether prostatitis is contagious or not should be analyzed from multiple aspects, such as the etiology and specific nature of the onset of prostatitis. At the same time, it is also closely related to the degree of development of the disease. People who usually have prostatitis can use medication, physical therapy, and surgical therapy to promote physical recovery.
In recent years, more and more men will have prostatitis due to various reasons. The disease may cause symptoms such as difficulty in urination and bring people's daily life and work. The most important thing is that it will affect the emotional energy between husband and wife. 

Is prostatitis contagious?
Whether or not the disease of prostatitis is contagious should be analyzed and judged from multiple aspects. It is usually closely related to various factors such as the type of disease, the cause of the disease, and the degree of development.
If it is bacterial prostatitis, it is highly contagious. If it is bacterial prostatitis, it is usually not infectious. In addition, if prostatitis is at an acute attack stage and the body has a fever and other uncomfortable symptoms, relatively more bacteria are discharged from the urethral opening, significantly increasing the possibility of its infection.
If the disease is in the chronic stage of development, the infection rate will be reduced. Therefore, there is no precise and fixed answer to whether prostatitis is contagious. It must be analyzed in detail according to the specific conditions of the patient's body.
What should men do about prostatitis?
1. Application of medication
 Patients with prostatitis disease can choose drugs for treatment according to their conditions and the doctor's recommendations. Generally, prostatic fluid culture is required to discover the type of pathogen in the human body and then select the corresponding antibacterial drugs for the pathogen. Acute prostatitis can be treated directly with antibiotics because antibiotics are effective quickly. Patients can also choose other drugs for treatment under the guidance of a doctor, such as receptor antagonists and anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs.
Medications are recommended for chronic prostatitides, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can promote blood circulation, help effectively eliminate the pain and discomfort of patients, and heal the physiological environment of the prostate. And it's very safe, there are no side effects such as drug resistance, and long-term use will not cause harm to the human body.
2. Other treatment methods
In addition to drug therapy, many other methods can cure prostatitis in clinical practice. The more common one is surgical therapy, which is more suitable for patients with recurrent conditions. However, surgical treatment is prone to surgical sequelae or complications, which may cause wound infection. Men can also choose physical therapy. Standard physical therapies include prostate massage therapy and microwave therapy.
3. Keep regular life
Self-health care of chronic prostatitis should start from good living habits, mainly including regular living habits, good eating habits, and a good state of mind.
A regular daily routine is crucial for patients with chronic prostatitis, effectively ensuring adequate sleep and preventing excessive fatigue, resulting in decreased immunity and other adverse consequences.
Good dietary habits are chronic prostatitis. Patients must pay attention to one aspect: spicy food, smoking cessation alcohol, eating sesame, peanuts, apples, and other foods with high zinc content, and eating more vitamin C and vitamin E-rich food.
The treatment of chronic prostatitis is a long-term process. The patient needs enough patience and energy, the key to daily health care. Besides taking physical health care seriously, still pay attention to the patient's mental health, if lousy mood fluctuation hurts the treatment of the disease and rehabilitation.
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