Will it Be Prostatitis If There is No Frequent Urination?

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Prostatitis is a common urological disease in men. Its clinical symptoms are complex and manifest as systemic symptoms, which are different for each patient. At the same time, frequent and urgent urination are the more typical symptoms. Suppose patients don't have the symptoms of frequent and urgent urination. He may suffer from lower abdominal swelling, bifurcation of urine line, scrotal dampness, white dripping from the urethra, decreased sexual function, premature ejaculation, insomnia, irritability, and anxiety symptoms of prostatitis.
In the acute bacterial prostate, patients often show urinary frequency, urgency, and pain symptoms. In chronic prostatitis, many patients do not have urinary irritation symptoms. There is no urinary frequency, urinary urgency. Of course, it can also be prostatitis.
Of course, patients can also have some symptoms of urinary obstruction, such as waiting for urination, thinning of the urine line, weakness of urination, dribbling, and incomplete urination. Some patients may experience premature ejaculation, dysfunction, painful ejaculation, and hematemesis. Some patients can also experience insomnia, anxiety, and tension, which are manifestations of chronic prostatitis.
So even if patients don't have the symptoms of frequent or urgent urination, if patients have the above symptoms. Also, combined with laboratory tests, such as routine examination of the prostate fluid, if patients find a significant increase in white blood cells and a significant decrease in lecithin vesicles, these indicate prostatitis.
What are the treatments for prostatitis?
The work of men will be busier, and men are under more pressure. Patients will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and famous items. Once patients find out that patients have prostatitis, patients must treat it promptly to avoid more severe consequences.
1. Medication
Medications, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, have many advantages in the treatment of prostatitis. The symptoms and types of patients will generally be based on the different solutions, so it has a stronger focus on the treatment and fewer side effects. So many prostatitis patients are willing to choose medication to cope with it. 
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can target the genitourinary system disorder and effectively treat prostatitis. It will also keep the prostatitis blood running normally and enhance the patient's immunity and resistance, so it is a perfect solution.
2. Chemical, medical treatment
After the prostatitis patient arrives at the hospital, the doctor will prohibit patients from buying and using some medicines but let patients first cooperate with some examination programs. After understanding the causes of prostatitis, patients will use some oral medications to improve their symptoms. It usually requires the use of antibiotic drugs and hormonal drugs. 
For some patients with prostatitis who do not have significant results from medication, doctors recommend using surgery to treat the condition. Of course, surgical treatment of prostatitis is still scarce, but the existence of this modality should not be ignored.
3. Daily care
The treatment of diseases often needs to be carried out from many aspects simultaneously, and the treatment of prostatitis should also pay attention to this aspect. Most patients with prostatitis need to drink plenty of water in their lives. Drinking plenty of water can promote the metabolism of the whole body and promote the excretion of urine to help the excretion of bacteria and viruses. Patients who have inflammation should not eat irritating foods. 
Therefore, men who have symptoms of prostatitis should not eat spicy food. Eat less raw and cold food. Patients with prostatitis may also have some obvious pain symptoms and other discomforts. Therefore, patients should pay more attention to rest during the treatment and avoid overwork.

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