Prostatitis——Why is Prostate Inflamed? Drinking is a Leading Cause!

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Drinking can be said to be something many men do. Before drinking, many people will say that a moderate amount is good, not drinking too much. But there is always drunkenness. And if men are often drunk, it can be very harmful. One of the more common hazards is that it will harm the prostate and cause prostatitis. 

Why does drunk cause prostatitis?
Alcohol is regarded as a drink by men. Many people like to drink, especially when they need to decompress. They will choose to drink. But the harm of alcohol is great, and it is easy to harm a man's health. Once a man drinks alcohol, it will irritate the prostate, causing the prostate to become congested once the alcohol enters the body. It will allow the prostate to invade the urethra, causing the bacteria on the urine to infect the prostate and suffer from prostatitis.
Therefore, in standard times, men must choose to quit drinking. Otherwise, once the prostate is inflamed, it will lead to a decline in sexual performance and severe infection of the reproductive organs. After prostate infection, men need to receive professional treatment to avoid more severe consequences such as infertility.
If it is acute prostatitis, antibiotic treatment can be used because the effect is quick and obvious. If not treated in time or therapy is not thorough, it may lead to chronic prostatitis.
Chronic prostatitis requires medication, such as herbal medicine Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill. Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill has strong bactericidal power, can relieve symptoms, reduce inflammation and sterilize. It promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis, can remove blood congestion in the body, and dredge the meridians. Herbal medicines can nourish the body and have a good conservation effect on the body.
Other causes of prostatitis
1. Sedentary
When a person is sitting, the body's center of gravity will be directed at the waist. The position of the prostate is in the private part of a man, not very far from the core, and it will also be compressed by gravity. In addition, sitting for a long time will hinder blood circulation, making it impossible for the prostate to absorb healthy blood. These two factors are harmful to the health of the prostate, and the probability of prostatitis is getting higher and higher.
2. Excessive sex
Young people nowadays are attracted to sex when they have sex, and their sex lives become more frequent. However, if sex is too regular, the prostate will always be in a state of congestion. If it goes on for a long time, it will damage the health of the prostate and cause prostate disease. Among them, prostatitis is the most critical disease.
3. Spicy food
Many men usually like to eat chili and ginger, as well as spicy foods. These bad eating habits can irritate the prostate. It can cause discomfort in the perineum area and cause vasodilation. Will generate the prostate and bladder to be in a state of congestion and edema. It will cause the prostate's resistance to decline for a long time, and it is more likely to induce prostate disease.
4. Hold back urine
Many men are often holding back urine due to busy work. Holding back urine will cause the bladder to fill and swell and cause weak urination, which will lead to poor blood circulation in the bladder and prostate. Symptoms that further cause an enlarged prostate appears. Long-term holding back urine will compress the prostate, which is not conducive to the health of the prostate.
5. Long-term constipation
For men with long-term constipation, the large amount of stool accumulated in the rectum will increase the pressure on the prostate. When the patient is forced to defecate, the abdominal pressure will increase. It will also compress the prostate and cause the urethra to become thinner, which will obstruct urination. So it is pretty detrimental to prostate health.
6. Heavy smoking
The harm caused by heavy smoking to male bodies is immeasurable. Not only will it affect the functions of multiple organs such as the liver and kidney, but it will also harm the prostate. The more men smoke, the greater the harm to the prostate.

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