Why is Prostate Afraid of Cold? 6 Ways to Take Care of Prostate!

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The prostate is a unique gonadal organ for men, but various pathologies such as prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis, or prostate cancer may occur if men are not careful. The weather is getting colder and colder now, and the hands, feet, waist, and abdomen are hurting. Therefore, the winter is a period of the high incidence of prostate diseases.

Why is the prostate afraid of the cold?
Being stimulated by cold can increase the excitability of sympathetic nerves, causing the prostate glands to contract and the prostate glands and blood vessels to dilate. In turn, it can cause chronic congestion, increase the pressure in the urethra, and cause prostate fluid reflux in severe cases. In addition, in freezing winter, the tension in the seminal tract and the prostate cavity increases, and the smooth muscle fibers become tight. 
At the same time, the outlet resistance increases, which causes poor drainage of the prostate. In addition, the muscles are frequently contracted by cold stimulation, thereby aggravating prostate congestion and edema. Changes in the condition of the male urethra can irritate the prostate fluid and cause frequent urination, dysuria, testicular pain, or perineal pain, so be sure to take good care of the prostate in winter.
How do men take care of the prostate in winter?
1. Drink plenty of water and urinate more
In winter, men should develop the habit of taking the initiative to drink water, drink plenty of water and urinate, which can dilute the urine and avoid high-concentration urine from irritating the prostate. As long as there is a desire to urinate, it needs to be eliminated in time to avoid affecting the health of the prostate and bladder.
2. Adjust sex life
Maintain a regular life, not abstinence or excessive indulgence. Indulgence will make the prostate continue to be in a congested state, which can cause prostate enlargement. The prostate should be given enough time to recover and repair. But not excessive abstinence so as not to cause discomfort and fullness of the prostate, but affect the health of the prostate.
3. Keep taking warm baths
Take a bath 2 to 3 times a week in winter. If it is inconvenient, men can also take a bath in warm water, which can relieve the tension of the prostate and muscles and reduce the symptoms of prostate discomfort. Excessive mental stress and long-term tightness can also cause prostate enlargement. Therefore, we should learn to self-regulate and maintain an optimistic attitude.
4. Keep clean
The male scrotum has vital contractility and can secrete a lot of sweat. Coupled with not paying attention to local ventilation, sweat, semen, and a small amount of urine will gather together. This, in turn, allows bacteria to take advantage of the deficiency, leading to prostatitis or sexual dysfunction and even induce infection. Therefore, men should insist on cleaning the perineum and carefully cleaning the genital area before and after sex.
5. Reduce friction
Friction in the perineum can aggravate prostate symptoms and increase discomfort, so it is necessary to reduce the riding time. Do not ride motorcycles or mountain bikes for long or long distances. At the same time, it is essential to reduce the sedentary time, stand up and exercise every hour of sitting.
6. Adjust the rhythm of life
Avoid smoking and drinking. Stay away from spicy and irritating foods, such as hot pot hot peppers or ginger. So as not to cause repeated congestion of the prostate and then aggravate the local swelling and pain. In addition, drink plenty of water and eat more fruits and vegetables and whole grains containing dietary fiber not to cause constipation and aggravate the symptoms of prostate swelling.
Treatments of prostatitis
Acute prostatitis comes quickly, and the condition is urgent. Generally, patients will be treated with antibiotics because antibiotics take effect quickly. But long-term use of antibiotics can cause drug resistance or side effects. Incomplete treatment of acute prostatitis may lead to chronic prostatitis.
Chronic prostatitis can be treated with drugs, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can effectively relieve pain and eliminate diseases. It has the effects of diuresis and leaching, clearing away heat, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, and sterilizing. It can effectively treat male urinary system diseases. And the recurrence rate after cure is low.
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