Prostatitis Patients Find Streaks of Blood in Semen, What Happend?

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Prostatitis is a relatively severe disease that can cause urgent, frequent, and painful urination. It may also lead to streaks of blood after ejaculation, which is more serious. There are many people who find that their semen has bloodshot during sex. In order to prevent too much impact on the body, they will eagerly find the relevant reasons. 

When the patient have prostatitis, he is worried that this disease causes it. Prostatitis may indeed lead to blood streaks in the semen during ejaculation. If not treated in time, it may also lead to male infertility.
The phenomenon of semen congestion in patients with prostatitis during ejaculation is called hemospermia. Common causes of hemospermia include seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis, tuberculosis of the prostate and seminal vesicles, calculus, damaged seminal vesicles, papilloma of the seminal vesicle, prostate cancer, etc. No matter the cause of the rupture of the spermatic vessels, there will be hemospermia manifestations. Hemospermia means pain during sexual intercourse, and the disease persists and recurs for a long time. 
At the same time, patients will also bear heavy psychological pressure, which will lead to sexual dysfunction diseases such as loss of libido and erectile dysfunction in the long run. At the same time, the disease may also result in low sperm quality.
What kind of treatment should be taken for prostate patients with hemospermia? 
The first option is conservative treatment. Patients with hemospermia for the first time can choose anti-infective therapy for two to four weeks, and symptomatic treatment with pain-relieving and hemostatic drugs should be applied according to the clinical manifestations of the patients. 
Therefore, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is highly recommended to patients here. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill developed by Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic after 30 years of research and development have a unique effect on the treatment of prostatitis and hemospermia symptoms. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has the main functions of clearing away heat and detoxification and achieving the effect of clearing hemospermia, which is beneficial for eliminating inflammation for prostatitis.
The second option is seminal vesicle surgery. 
1. Surgical treatment is recommended for patients who fail conservative therapy. Seminal vesicles can be explored through the urethra to clear blood clots, calculus, and thick seminal vesicle fluid in the seminal vesicle glands. 
2. Intraoperative use of antibiotics and dilute iodophor water to fully lavage the seminal vesicles can quickly control inflammation and cure blood sperm. Patients with urethral polyps, vascular lesions, and tumors require corresponding surgical treatment. 
3. If the combined ejaculatory duct stenosis results in poor excretion of seminal vesicle fluid, the ejaculatory duct opening can be incised through the urethra. This method makes the overall effective rate of the treatment of hemospermia reach 90%.
Patients should also be more heedful in their lives. They should eat more food that supplies human energy during the treatment period. Patients should not put pressure on themselves frequently. They should maintain a healthy diet. In life, they should add more dietary fiber, fruits and vegetables, and diverse kinds of food. 
Secondly, patients can’t drink alcohol on a frequent basis in their daily life. Frequent drinking will cause the patient’s inflammation to recur, and the body’s resistance of male friends who often drink alcohol will also decline, unable to resist some other pathogens. 
Furthermore, patients should relieve their mental burden, establish confidence in treatment, and maintain a comfortable mood. Pay attention to the hygiene of reproductive organs. Strengthen nutrition and eat less spicy and irritating foods, and quit alcohol. Enhance physical fitness, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, decline riding bicycles horseback riding, and reduce the pressure on the perineum.

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