Can Prostatitis Patients Get A Fever?

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Prostatitis is a prostate disease caused by various complex reasons, with urethral irritation and chronic pelvic pain as the primary clinical manifestations. There are many reasons for prostatitis. It may be related to the decline of the body's resistance, such as long-term staying up late, bad living habits, smoking, drinking, personal inattentiveness, unclean sex, etc. 

Why do prostatitis patients have a fever?
Under normal circumstances, patients with prostatitis will not have symptoms of fever. Only patients with acute prostatitis will have signs of agitation. However, suppose there is a low fever for a long time, and the symptomatic anti-inflammatory treatment or antipyretic treatment is ineffective. In that case, this situation may be a local-specific prostate infection.
Suppose a male patient has bacterial prostatitis, especially acute bacterial prostatitis. In that case, it may cause fever because acute bacterial prostatitis may lead to a prostate abscess. If the bacteria in the spot enters the blood, it will cause The occurrence of bacteremia; patients will cause fever and chills, and other systemic symptoms.
What should do when a prostatitis patient has a fever?
1. Prostatitis patients with recurrent fever should pay attention to their diet in their daily life, do not drink or smoke, and eat less or no food of warm sex. Especially spicy food must be forbidden because people's blood vessels will be dilated and congested when exposed to spicy food, which will induce prostatitis.
2.After the prostatitis patient is diagnosed by the doctor, he must start the treatment in time, go to the regular hospital to follow the doctor's instructions, and take some medicines to improve the condition. 
For bacterial prostatitis, antibiotics should be the first choice. As for chronic prostatitis, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can provide more effective effects than antibiotics, to eliminate the ymptoms and causes to achieve the purpose of cure.
3. In ordinary daily life, live everyday life and insist on reasonable exercise every day, promoting blood circulation, increasing resistance, and preventing the recurrence of prostatic fluid and fever. Prostatitis patients should keep warm and cold, wear more clothes on the lower body, and bathe and change clothes frequently to prevent bacterial infection, which is of great help in preventing prostatitis. 
4. Drinking as much water as possible in life and urinating more often is beneficial to flushing the urethra, which also helps discharge prostatic secretions while flushing the urethra, effectively preventing the recurrence of prostatitis.
In short, when a prostatitis patient has a fever, don't panic, actively seek the help of relevant experts, and take appropriate drugs to relieve this situation. Also, strengthen exercise to improve your immunity.
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