Young People, Why Can Prostatitis Find You?

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Prostate diseases are common in men, accounting for almost 60% of urinary system diseases. In many people's eyes, prostate diseases will only appear in men over the age of 50, but in fact, young men are also prone to prostate disease for various reasons.

Prostate diseases can be roughly divided into prostatitis, benign prostate hyperplasia(BPH), and prostate cancer. Among them, prostatitis is common in young and middle-aged men, usually 20-50. The incidence of chronic prostatitis in men in this age span is higher. So, why are young men more prone to prostatitis?
First, young men have frequent sex and often deliberately hold back their ejaculation to prolong the sex time, which can cause prostatitis. If the sex time is too long, the energy consumption of the human body will be too much, which will make people feel tired. Even on the next day or the past few days after the sex, there will be a lack of energy, shortness of breath, quick heartbeat, dizziness, and other symptoms; this is the so-called excessive sex life. Severe cases can lead to prostatitis or other diseases.
Secondly, adolescence is the most vigorous period of prostate secretion, which provides suitable conditions for the growth of bacteria. If young people ignore personal hygiene and have dirty sex, their bodies are easily get infected due to low resistance. When pathogens enter the prostate, acute or chronic bacterial prostatitis will occur.
Finally, young people live irregularly as the pace of modern life has accelerated and the pressure has increased. They have bad habits such as holding back urine, staying up late, smoking, drinking, eating spicy food, prolonged sitting, etc., which can easily lead to long-term prostate congestion and causes prostatitis.
For young people, prostatitis will keep the body in a sub-healthy state for a long time, significantly affect the quality of sexual life, and even damage the normal physiological function of men, leading to male dysfunction and infertility. Therefore, if you have prostatitis, you should strictly follow the doctor's requirements for treatment when the symptoms are mild so as not to cause the symptoms to worsen. 
You can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, herbal medicine that clears heat, detoxifies, promotes blood circulation, and removes blood stasis. Its pure plant formula can mildly and effectively kill the pathogens that prostate infections, and long-term use of this medicine will not produce drug resistance.
If you want to cure prostatitis, in addition to taking medicines as required, you should also make changes in two aspects of your life:
1. Eat Foods With Less Grease:
With the improvement of living standards, people's diets have become complicated. Patients with prostatitis need to eat lightly, avoiding greasy foods and overeating. When friends have dinner together, it is inevitable to drink, but do not drink too much, and do not overeat spicy food. A bland diet can reduce irritation symptoms.
2. Have Physical Activities during Work Time:
If you have to sit for a long time due to work, it is recommended to take five or six minutes to get up and move after one or two hours of sitting. It can promote blood flow on the pelvic floor. If you have more time, you might as well activate the pelvic floor muscles by doing exercises such as splitting, skimming, squatting, etc., to enhance the ability of the pelvic floor muscles. It is conducive to the return of venous blood from the pelvic floor to the whole body and reduces the congestion of the pelvic floor.
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