Prostatitis Prevention: Ways to Lower Your Risk in Summer

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Due to the hot weather in summer, many prostatitis patients have reduced symptoms of prostatitis such as urgency and frequent urination due to the climate. However, a large number of people also get prostatitis in summer, which is primarily caused by some bad habits in life. 

So, how to prevent prostatitis in summer?
1. Sex life should be regular
In summer, people go out to do more activities, and the labor intensity is high, so they should have a moderate and regular sex life or master moderate masturbation. Regular discharge of prostatic fluid can relieve the fullness of the prostate, promote the continuous renewal of prostatic fluid, and contribute to the normal functioning of the prostate and the recurrence of patients with abnormal prostate function.
2. Strengthen physical exercise
Patients need to enhance the body's immunity and disease resistance. Therefore, regular living and proper physical exercise, such as Tai Chi, sprinting, or walking after meals, can improve blood circulation and enhance the body's internal resistance and immune function. It is of great significance to prevent the occurrence of prostatitis.
3. Avoid indiscriminate use of drugs
In summer, there are many colds, especially pharyngitis and tonsillitis. Do not abuse anti-inflammatory drugs. The irregular use or abuse of anti-inflammatory drugs has become a common cause of prostate infection and prostatitis. Therefore, preventing prostatitis in summer should avoid indiscriminate use of drugs.
4. Maintain good living habits
Men tend to have a lot of entertainment at work, so they are more likely to drink alcohol and stay up late. These factors will aggravate prostate congestion and cause inflammation. Prostatitis is not uncommon due to limited conditions and bad living habits, so you must pay attention to your daily living habits and try to avoid injury to the prostate in your daily life.
5. Avoid holding urine for a long time
Holding back urine for a long time is also one of the causes of prostatitis. Long-term can cause the urinary tract and reproductive tract epithelium to reduce the ability to defend against bacteria, causing urogenital infection. What's more dangerous is that for patients with cystitis or posterior urethritis, their urine can flow back into the prostate tissue through the prostate duct, which is easy to cause prostatitis.
6. Avoid prolonged sitting
Prolonged sitting for a long time may also lead to the occurrence of prostatitis. From a physiological point of view, the first factor that induces prostatitis is sitting for a long time. Men who work in the seat for a long time will cause neck and waist muscle soreness. The perineum, pelvis, and prostate will also be squeezed, resulting in slow blood flow and congestion, which is easy to block the prostate duct and induce prostatitis. So men can't sit still for a long time. There should be adequate rest in between.
7. Correct temperature control
For men who like coolness, the indoor temperature should be controlled properly in summer. When using air conditioners, you should keep your body warm. You can wear more clothes in the air-conditioned room, and pay special attention to the lower abdomen not to catch cold.
Why is prostatitis prone to occur in summer?
1. The influence of hygiene habits
Some experts pointed out that men's metabolism is fast in summer, so harmful substances such as sweat and bacteria can easily lead to infection of men's private parts. Then the bacteria pass through the man's urinary tract and infect the man's prostate, leading to acute prostatitis.
2. Partial body cold
Although the temperature in summer is relatively high, it is inevitable for men to catch a cold. Such as men taking a cold bath, resulting in local cold stimulation. Prostate secretion is affected, and congestion is abnormal, leading to prostatitis.
3. Improper diet
The reason why men are prone to acute prostatitis is also related to men's eating habits. In summer, many men like to drink cold beer, barbecue, etc. It is one of the reasons why men have acute prostatitis.
The hot summer is a period of high incidence of prostatitis. To avoid the troubles of prostate diseases, we must do a good job in prevention of prostate diseases. Prostatitis can be avoided entirely. At the same time, if a man, unfortunately, has prostatitis, he should calm down and go to a professional hospital to check and treat it. It is necessary to develop good living and eating habits in peacetime and prevent it before it happens!
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